Ambassador Magnus Carlsen

After returning from purchasing supplies for, “A ‘once in a generation’ winter storm (that) will impact nearly every state and cripple Christmas travel” (, this writer needed rest and a good, strong cuppa Joe. When waiting for the coffee out came the surfing board. While reading an article at the coffee was not the only liquid boiling… The title of the article was, Officially Acquires Play Magnus, Carlsen Signs As Ambassador (

The article begins, “, the world’s largest chess website, has acquired Play Magnus Group, a leading chess entertainment and education company. The proposed acquisition was initially announced on August 24, 2022 and was unanimously recommended by Play Magnus Group’s board. After receiving regulatory and shareholder approval, the acquisition officially closed on December 16, 2022. By sheer coincidence, on the same day, reached 100,000,000 members, another major milestone in the site’s history.”

The paragraph that really caused my blood to boil was, “In association with the acquisition of Play Magnus Group, Magnus Carlsen has signed on as a ambassador. He will be competing regularly in events such as the Speed Chess Championship. On December 18, 2022, Carlsen contested the 2022 Speed Chess Championship Final which was in a thrilling, down-to-the-wire performance by Hikaru Nakamura. More than 200,000 viewers tuned in to watch this highly anticipated matchup.”

Hold on now…wait a MINUTE! “Contested”? “CONTESTED!” Ambassador Carlsen lost, LOST, the “thrilling, down-to-the-wire performance by Hikaru Nakamura.” What? did not want to embarrass the new AMBASSADOR?

Nakamura beats Carlsen for 5th consecutive Speed Chess title (

One thought on “Ambassador Magnus Carlsen

  1. CimPy says:

    Let me understand:

    Magnus entered the tournament and lost. And you what? Got excited? Got angry? And for what? Because Nakamura won or because Magnus lost?

    In any case, and waiting to understand better, I will share my thought: the only serious tournaments are the OBT (on the board tournaments), and not quick games.
    This as I do believe any player plays differently if he/she in the same room as his/her opponent.
    When players are from remote, anything could happen and it is hard to say why it happened that way.
    As per my point of view, online chess ii far more near to videogame than to real chess game.
    About ches dot com, I think there are uge intersts behind and around, and I am not sure this will help Chess. I mean, there might be some interests that might influence the behavior of players. Not sure of what, but temptation is round the corner for everybody.
    I really hope I am wrong, in this.

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