Scandals at the Bermuda Party

The chess24 website ( contains an article, “The Bermuda Party – a retrospective.” (
Over on the right side there is a list of the top ten “Popular Players.” World human Champion Magnus Carlsen tops the list. With the exception of #3 Vugar Gashimov , who died far too young, and #6 Garry Kasparov, the man who will be remembered only for losing to a computer program known as Deep Blue, the list shows most of the top human players today, with the exception of #2, Anna Rudolf. Having never heard of the woman, I decided to check her out. Keep in mind this list is on the page with skant news of the Bermuda Party, where one also sees this: Tarjei J. Svensen @TarjeiJS
“So a couple of scandals at the Bermuda party, but “what happens in #BermudaParty stays in Bermuda Party” – sorry guys πŸ™‚ #ChessOlympiad”
I clicked on her name and, wa-la, there she was. Well, it is actually a picture of Anna. I immediately understood why she was on the list and also wondered why she is only #2. It shows her ranked 4429 in the world, but it does not specify if that is overall or as a woman player. She is rated 2314 and is from Hungary. Too bad I don’t do pictures, huh guys? I leave that up to GM Kevin Spraggett. ( There are, though, a few pictures of the Bermuda party. In addition, one can watch the movie, “Chess Fever.”
Speaking of pictures, on the home page there is a picture to the left of Magnus of the lovely WGM Melanie Ohme. As the Legendary Georgia Ironman can attest, I have been an admirer of the young woman for awhile now. I always refer to her as “Melanie Ohme (Ohmy!)” I may be old, but I still like to gaze upon a pretty face. Women may not be as strong at playing the Royal game, but they sure look better while playing! Thus proving that not all of the changes in chess have been bad.

Rock’n Roll SCANDAL

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