Accused of Racism

The title of a recent post on the Vanilla Sky blog is, “ is racist.” ( Those are strong words. I noticed this was the first post on the blog since November 13, 2011. From reading the post it is apparent the man was livid while writing. He was accused of cheating and banned from the website. He writes, “I did some online research and found and it was not only me who was complaining but their were several others who voiced the same concern vowing never to come back to that site. So i decided to experiment myself. I registered with two new user ids. The first one showed the country as India and the next one was a american name based out of US. For the indian id, i started playing chess and again moved up in the ratings. For the US id, i started using a chess engine. So far i have played more than 100 games using a chess engine and till now i have not been banned. BUT, when i had played around 80 odds games using the Indian ID, i got banned. I got a message like this – Dear ……, you have reached a rating of 2000+ and you are one of strongest player in the site. Please note we monitor cheating using a high end cheat detection software and kick out cheaters from the site…blah and blah”. After 3 days i was banned. The other id was never banned although i used a chess engine.”
He goes on to ask, “Do you think that Indians are dumb and just because we are non whites? Please remember than chess was invented in India. Every gali nukkad (lanes and corners) you will find talented chess players who can beat the shit out of your so called Grand Masters registered (free premium registration for life) in your website.”
There is much more and I strongly urge you go to the Vanilla Sky blog and read all of it. These are strong allegations that should not be ignored by the world chess community.
One of the main concerns is the use of computer programs to detect cheating. When it comes to computers, there is a saying of, “Garbage in, garbage out.” Computers can be programmed to give whatever result is desired. For example, the allegations of computer fraud in elections of this century are far too numerous to mention. Many books have been written concerning how certain elections, including presidential, have been rigged using computer programs. A search of the internet will produce many thousands of articles on the subject. When people put their faith in a computer, in actuality they are putting their faith in the human that programmed the gizmo. One candidate for US Senator owned a company that provided computer voting machines for elections and he, surprise, won an upset victory. Read this article, “If You Want To Win An Election, Just Control The Voting Machines.” (
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