Alien Expert Says They Don’t Come In Peace

Alien expert: They don’t come in peace

Malcolm Robinson has researched UFO sightings and alien abductions for decades and is one of the experts in the field.
Published: JANUARY 31, 2023

UFO (illustrative).
(photo credit: RAWPIXEL)

Malcolm Robinson is one of the leading alien experts in Britain and wrote over ten books on the subject, after analyzing lots of incidents connected with aliens during the last decades.

While according to him, most alien sightings have relatively simple explanations, Robinson claims that there are still a lot of sightings he couldn’t explain.

The mystery is real.

Talking to The Daily Star, he said: “Whilst a large proportion of UFOs [unidentified flying objects] can be explained away as having natural explanations, only a few remain, and it is to that small one percent that I and my colleagues worldwide are trying to get to the bottom. What is in no doubt, is that the UFO enigma is real, very real, it has been with us throughout time. We see this in Renaissance paintings and old cave paintings, these strange shapes and entities.”

When asked about what they could want from us humans, Robinson answered: “They have an agenda for sure, we can but speculate. I wouldn’t say they are peaceful, due to the thousands of UFO abductions worldwide.”

When asked how aliens look in his opinion, Robinson said that the most frequent sightings that are reported, don’t look different from the creatures we usually see in films and television. “[These are] small childlike creatures, about 3 to 4 feet in height with bluey-grey translucent skin, large pear-shaped heads with inky black wrap-around eyes. No sign of any genitalia. These small greys are the most commonly reported entities seen in close proximity to UFOs.” (

It Ain’t Easy Being Alive

Anyone involved with or even just interested in the search for extraterrestrial life inevitably runs up against the wall known as the Fermi paradox. During a casual conversation about UFOs with fellow physicists in the 1950s, Enrico Fermi, the creator of the world’s first nuclear reactor, listened to arguments that the universe should be teeming with life since the Milky Way galaxy alone has billions of stars with the potential to have generated life in the same manner as it happened on Earth, but billions of years ago … giving that life time to become much more advanced and capable of travel around the universe. Fermi immortalized his name one more time by pondering the proposal and then asking the question (paraphrased): “If there is so much life around … where is everybody?” Many scientists have tried to resolve the Fermi paradox. One of the more recent arguments against the Fermi paradox is called Great Filter – a nearly impenetrable wall that is blocking life everywhere from advancing to the space travel level. That theory just got a boost from an unlikely source – NASA. Why would NASA – an organization with the mission to look for life on other planets – suddenly accept a theory that could put it out of business? What would Fermi think?

Is that them?

Consider our best-guess evolutionary path to an explosion which leads to visible colonization of most of the visible universe:

The right star system (including organics)
Reproductive something (e.g. RNA)
Simple (prokaryotic) single-cell life
Complex (archaeatic & eukaryotic) single-cell life
Sexual reproduction
Multi-cell life
Tool-using animals with big brains
Where we are now
Colonization explosion

According to the above list from Robin Hanson’s 1998 paper, “The Great Filter – Are We Almost Past It?”, ( it ain’t easy being alive. (

“It Ain’t Easy”

When you go up on the mountain top
And you look out across the sea
And you know there’s another place perhaps
A young man can be
And you jump down to the rooftop
And you look out across the town
And you know there’s a lot of strange things
Circulatin’ round

But it ain’t easy,
It ain’t easy, it ain’t easy
To go ahead when your going’ down

Well, the people have their problems
But that ain’t nothing new
Well the hope and understanding
Can bring you on through
Well it can bring you on through
It can take you to the end
And that, ooh, woman, she can bring you down again

But it ain’t easy,
It ain’t easy, it ain’t easy
To go ahead when your going’ down

Satisfaction, satisfaction, tell me who is satisfied
When she, ooh, she take it in
And she hold it deep inside
And she hold it in too deep
And she bite it with her teeth
And that, ooh woman, she can give you some relief

But it ain’t easy,
It ain’t easy, it ain’t easy
To go ahead when your going’ down

It ain’t easy when you’re goin’ down

‘Naked Alien’ Photographed In Montana

‘Naked Alien’ Photographed In Part Of Montana Known For UFO Sightings
By Dave Basner
Jan 5, 2022,0),quality(80)

Hunters often times set up cameras on trees deep in the woods to see what kind of wildlife lives in the area, but one in Montana captured a very strange creature – so odd that it might not be from this planet.

It was snapped by Donald Bromley’s camera deep in the woods of Redgate in Deer Lodge, Montana and it shows an eerily-shaped gray humanoid. The area where it was photographed is a hotspot for paranormal activity. Bromley told the local news station that there are often “UFOs, lights in the sky, unexplainable things” there. Among the strangeness is in the area, cars mysteriously stall on the roads for no reason.

Bromley spoke about the image, saying he first thought it was just a person but, “The more I look at it was just odd, it was out of place and everything just matches the alien persona the bigger bulbous head, you can tell he has no clothes, it’s kind of a transparent being.”

A nearby resident, Patrick Cutler, has produced a documentary about the area and its unexplained incidents. He posted an interview with Donald, in which Bromley describes more details surrounding the photo. Donald reveals that he has dozens of cameras in the woods, all with the same type of battery, which lasts a year, but when he went to this particular camera, it was dead after just two months. He downloaded the photos off of it and the last one it took was of the “alien.”

Bromley adds that the location of the camera makes it incredibly unlikely that the picture is of a human, explaining that he was only able to access it because it was near a secure private ranch where he worked, but according to him, “To get to that spot publicly, it’s miles, literally miles to get there and you probably have to drop 1,000 feet in elevation just to get to that point. It’s unrealistic.” Additionally, none of the other nearby cameras were triggered and they would’ve been if someone was walking nearby.

‘Crashed Flying Saucer’ Spotted on Mars

An anomaly hunter scouring NASA images for intriguing oddities on Mars spotted what appears to be a crashed flying saucer on the surface of the Red Planet. South African researcher Jean Ward made the weird discovery when he was looking at a photo taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter back in December of 2006. While the image may be a whopping 15 years old, the researcher’s fresh examination of the picture uncovered the curious scene which has been hiding in plain sight for all these years.

In the photo, a curious object with a distinctly rounded edge can be seen seemingly half-buried in the Martian dirt with a long streak behind it. Indicating that the anomaly looks to be around 40 to 50 feet in diameter, Ward theorized that the oddity could be some kind of disc-shaped ship that “hit the surface of Mars at a very low angle.” Alternatively, he also posited that the strange streak behind the peculiar shape might be indicative of “a ramp leading into an underground entrance.”

While either fantastic scenario suggested by Ward would undoubtedly be welcome news to UFO enthusiasts who believe that Mars was once inhabited by a race of intelligent extraterrestrials, it should come as no surprise that skeptical observers have a different take on the anomaly spotted on the surface of the Red Planet. Rather than a crashed flying saucer or a secret path into a subterranean alien base, they argue that the oddity is likely to be merely a trick of light and shadow.

By Tim Binnall

Pentagon Drops UFO Bomb!


MYSTERY WIRE — The Pentagon dropped a UFO surprise late Tuesday night. A new office will be created to track and assess unidentified aerial phenomena spotted over military ranges, according to a memo from Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks.

The office was given an unwieldy name, the Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group, with an unpronounceable acronym AOIMSG. The memo from Hicks specified that the new office has the job to “detect, identify, and attribute” unidentified objects and to assess any possible threat to aviation safety and/or national security.

For decades, the Department of Defense has ridiculed and dismissed UFO incidents and reports. It has thwarted attempts by Congress and the public to access information and files related to military encounters with UFOs, including those seen over sensitive military facilities and assets, including nuclear weapons storage areas and missile bases.