Herschel Walker’s Erection

For those of you in other states, or other countries, Herschel Walker is a famous fellow Georgian who played football at the University of Georgia before playing professional football for the team owned by Donald Trump. Herschel has resided in Texas for the last two decades but returned to Georgia at the behest of former POTUS, Donald Trumpster, to run for the United States Senate. There are only two Senators from each of the fifty states. On election day the incumbent Senator, Raphael Warnock,


who had once been a pastor at the venerable Ebenezer Baptist Church, where Dr. Martin Luther King sermonized, garnered more votes than his opponent, but not 50%, so there will be another election between just the two candidates which will be held December 6, 2022.

Jimmy Fallon Pokes Fun at Herschel Walker’s ‘Hard’ Election Slip
November 24, 2022

By Tomas Mier

Of course, Jimmy Fallon had to joke about Herschel Walker’s “excitement” about the runoff election! On Wednesday night, Jimmy Fallon prepped his viewers for Thanksgiving with an opening monologue and joked about Herschel Walker mispronouncing election as “erection” on Fox News.

“Last night, ahead of the Senate runoff in Georgia, Herschel Walker was on Fox News, and he had a bit of slip-up while talking about the election,” Fallon said, before playing the clip: “Woah! Somebody’s excited about the runoffs!”

Walker had joined Fox News Tuesday alongside Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham


to talk about his runoff election against Democratic incumbent Raphael Warnock. “Well, first of all, this election is more than Herschel Walker. This erection is about the people,” Walker said.


Charlie Brown Dead at 65

Original Charlie Brown Voice Actor, Peter Robbins, Dead at 65

Robbins, who voiced the Peanuts character during the Sixties, had long battled bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses

By John Blistein

peter robbins charlie brown voice actor dead obituary
Peter Robbins signing autographs for fans at Comic-Con 2008.
Lisa Rose/AP Photo

Peter Robbins, the first actor to voice Charlie Brown in the Peanuts cartoons and movies, died by suicide last week, Fox 5 San Diego reports. He was 65. (https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-news/charlie-brown-voice-actor-peter-robbins-dead-obituary-1290770/)

See: (https://xpertchesslessons.wordpress.com/2021/10/02/happy-birthday-charley-brown/)

Happy Birthday Jimmy

Many Georgians ‘back in the day’ said they would never live long enough to see a human walk on the moon. No Georgian thought they would ever live to see a native born Georgian become President of the United States of America.

Some Presidents leave office with a high approval rating but are not treated kindly by historians. For other Presidents it is the reverse. Jimmy Carter belongs in the latter category.

I have only met one POTUS and that was Jimmy Carter. He looked me in the eye and gripped my hand firmly. When Jimmy Carter shakes your hand you know it has been shook.


It’s the birthday of Jimmy Carter (books by this author), born in Plains, Georgia (1924), the first American president to be born in a hospital. He grew up in a house where everyone brought a book to the dinner table and then the family sat there together at dinner eating and reading in silence. He started selling boiled peanuts from a red wagon by the side of the road when he was six, around the same age that he started winning all sorts of prizes for being the top reader in his rural grade school.

He played basketball in high school, joined the Future Farmers of America club, and went off to the United States Naval Academy where he taught Sunday school to the officer’s kids and graduated 59th in his class of 820. While in the Navy he did graduate work in nuclear physics. Then, after his dad died, he left the Navy and took over the family peanut farming business. For awhile, he was a wealthy peanut farmer.

He became governor of Georgia, but he wasn’t very well known around the nation, and when he first threw his hat in the ring for the Democratic primaries of the 1976 presidential election, only 2 percent of Americans recognized his name. When he told his mom he was going to run for president, she replied, “President of what?”

He decided he would write a book to help the nation know who he was and where he was coming from and what he stood for — a candidate autobiography. He wrote it on the campaign trail, scribbling paragraphs on yellow notepads during airplane rides and in hotels. He took it to a bunch of small publishers in Georgia but they all rejected the manuscript. Finally he convinced a small press in Nashville that specialized in Southern Baptist books to publish his book. After he won the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries that book — Why Not the Best? (1975) — sold about a million copies. It has since been reissued.

Carter defeated Gerald Ford and took office during an energy crisis. He wore sweaters and told Americans to turn down the heat. In one of his last acts in office he signed a House Bill bailing out a failing American car company, the Chrysler Corporation.

When he got back to Georgia he found that his farm, which he placed in a blind trust upon election, was suddenly a million dollars in debt. He sold the farm and then, to make ends meet and save their home, he and Rosalynn each signed separate book contracts to write memoirs.

He sat down and wrote for eight to 10 hours a day, drawing on diaries he kept while in the Oval office, typewritten notes that amounted to 6,000 pages. When he could not stand sitting down at the typewriter anymore he went to his woodworking shop and made furniture — things like tables and chairs and cabinets. He ended up with more than 30 pieces of furniture in the time in took him to write that first post-presidential book, which was published in 1982 as Keeping Faith.


He’s now the author of about two dozen books, including An Hour Before Daylight: Memoirs of a Rural Boyhood (2001), Our Endangered Values (2005), Palestine Peace Not Apartheid (2006), A Remarkable Mother (2008), and Beyond the White House (2008).

He likes to fly-fish and ride his bicycle. He continues to teach Sunday school. He reads just about every new book written about the U.S. presidency. He adores poet Dylan Thomas and has read two dozen biographies about the man. He writes his own poetry now. In 2002 he won the Nobel Peace Prize.

He said:

“A strong nation, like a strong person, can afford to be gentle, firm, thoughtful, and restrained. It can afford to extend a helping hand to others. It is a weak nation, like a weak person, that must behave with bluster and boasting and rashness and other signs of insecurity.”

Watch Free Jimmy Carter Rock & Roll President Full Movies …
Jimmy Carter the first rock and roll President | Gonzo Music

Bob Dylan’s Absolutely Mind-Blowing New Song ‘Murder Most Foul’

Hear Bob Dylan’s Absolutely Mind-Blowing New Song ‘Murder Most Foul’


Dylan’s first original song in eight years is about JFK’s assassination — but it’s really about so much more

By Brain Hyatt

Bob Dylan, who hasn’t released an original song since 2012’s Tempest , unexpectedly dropped a previously unheard, nearly 17-minute-long new track, “Murder Most Foul,” late Thursday night.

Dylan didn’t say exactly when the song was recorded, but his delicate vocal delivery resembles the way he’s been singing in his live shows in the past couple of years. “Greetings to my fans and followers with gratitude for all your support and loyalty over the years,” Dylan said in a statement. “This is an unreleased song we recorded a while back that you might find interesting. Stay safe, stay observant, and may God be with you.”

This dizzying, utterly extraordinary song — as allusive as it is elusive — starts off seeming like it might be a straightforward recounting of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, but expands into an impressionistic, elegiac, increasingly apocalyptic journey through what feels like the entire Sixties (complete with references to the Who’s Tommy, Woodstock, and Altamont) and then perhaps all of 20th-century America, especially its music.

Hear Bob Dylan’s Absolutely Mind-Blowing New Song ‘Murder Most Foul’

The official Bob Dylan website:



Bob Dylan – ‘Murder Most Foul’ lyrics:

Twas a dark day in Dallas, November ’63
A day that will live on in infamy
President Kennedy was a-ridin’ high
Good day to be livin’ and a good day to die
Being led to the slaughter like a sacrificial lamb
He said, “Wait a minute, boys, you know who I am?”
“Of course we do. We know who you are.”
Then they blew off his head while he was still in the car
Shot down like a dog in broad daylight
Was a matter of timing and the timing was right
You got unpaid debts; we’ve come to collect
We’re gonna kill you with hatred; without any respect
We’ll mock you and shock you and we’ll put it in your face
We’ve already got someone here to take your place

The day they blew out the brains of the king
Thousands were watching; no one saw a thing
It happened so quickly, so quick, by surprise
Right there in front of everyone’s eyes
Greatest magic trick ever under the sun
Perfectly executed, skillfully done
Wolfman, oh wolfman, oh wolfman howl
Rub-a-dub-dub, it’s a murder most foul

Hush, little children. You’ll understand
The Beatles are comin’; they’re gonna hold your hand
Slide down the banister, go get your coat
Ferry ‘cross the Mersey and go for the throat
There’s three bums comin’ all dressed in rags
Pick up the pieces and lower the flags
I’m going to Woodstock; it’s the Aquarian Age
Then I’ll go to Altamont and sit near the stage
Put your head out the window; let the good times roll
There’s a party going on behind the Grassy Knoll

Stack up the bricks, pour the cement
Don’t say Dallas don’t love you, Mr. President
Put your foot in the tank and step on the gas
Try to make it to the triple underpass
Blackface singer, whiteface clown
Better not show your faces after the sun goes down
Up in the red light district, they’ve got cop on the beat
Living in a nightmare on Elm Street

When you’re down in Deep Ellum, put your money in your shoe
Don’t ask what your country can do for you
Cash on the ballot, money to burn
Dealey Plaza, make left-hand turn
I’m going down to the crossroads; gonna flag a ride
The place where faith, hope, and charity died
Shoot him while he runs, boy. Shoot him while you can
See if you can shoot the invisible man
Goodbye, Charlie. Goodbye, Uncle Sam
Frankly, Miss Scarlett, I don’t give a damn

What is the truth, and where did it go?
Ask Oswald and Ruby; they oughta know
“Shut your mouth,” said the wise old owl
Business is business, and it’s a murder most foul

Tommy, can you hear me? I’m the Acid Queen
I’m riding in a long, black limousine
Riding in the backseat next to my wife
Heading straight on in to the afterlife
I’m leaning to the left; got my head in her lap
Hold on, I’ve been led into some kind of a trap
Where we ask no quarter, and no quarter do we give
We’re right down the street from the street where you live
They mutilated his body, and they took out his brain
What more could they do? They piled on the pain
But his soul’s not there where it was supposed to be at
For the last fifty years they’ve been searchin’ for that

Freedom, oh freedom. Freedom cover me
I hate to tell you, mister, but only dead men are free
Send me some lovin’; tell me no lies
Throw the gun in the gutter and walk on by
Wake up, little Susie; let’s go for a drive
Cross the Trinity River; let’s keep hope alive
Turn the radio on; don’t touch the dials
Parkland hospital, only six more miles

You got me dizzy, Miss Lizzy. You filled me with lead
That magic bullet of yours has gone to my head
I’m just a patsy like Patsy Cline
Never shot anyone from in front or behind
I’ve blood in my eye, got blood in my ear
I’m never gonna make it to the new frontier
Zapruder’s film I seen night before
Seen it 33 times, maybe more
It’s vile and deceitful. It’s cruel and it’s mean
Ugliest thing that you ever have seen
They killed him once and they killed him twice
Killed him like a human sacrifice

The day that they killed him, someone said to me, “Son
The age of the Antichrist has only begun.”
Air Force One coming in through the gate
Johnson sworn in at 2:38
Let me know when you decide to thrown in the towel
It is what it is, and it’s murder most foul

What’s new, pussycat? What’d I say?
I said the soul of a nation been torn away
And it’s beginning to go into a slow decay
And that it’s 36 hours past Judgment Day

Wolfman Jack, speaking in tongues
He’s going on and on at the top of his lungs
Play me a song, Mr. Wolfman Jack
Play it for me in my long Cadillac
Play me that ‘Only the Good Die Young’
Take me to the place Tom Dooley was hung
Play St. James Infirmary and the Court of King James
If you want to remember, you better write down the names
Play Etta James, too. Play ‘I’d Rather Go Blind’
Play it for the man with the telepathic mind
Play John Lee Hooker. Play ‘Scratch My Back’.
Play it for that strip club owner named Jack
Guitar Slim going down slow
Play it for me and for Marilyn Monroe

Play ‘Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood’
Play it for the First Lady, she ain’t feeling any good
Play Don Henley, play Glenn Frey
Take it to the limit and let it go by
Play it for Karl Wirsum, too
Looking far, far away at Down Gallow Avenue
Play tragedy, play “Twilight Time”
Take me back to Tulsa to the scene of the crime
Play another one and “Another One Bites the Dust”
Play “The Old Rugged Cross” and “In God We Trust”
Ride the pink horse down the long, lonesome road
Stand there and wait for his head to explode
Play “Mystery Train” for Mr. Mystery
The man who fell down dead like a rootless tree
Play it for the Reverend; play it for the Pastor
Play it for the dog that got no master
Play Oscar Peterson. Play Stan Getz
Play “Blue Sky”; play Dickey Betts
Play Art Pepper, Thelonious Monk
Charlie Parker and all that junk
All that junk and “All That Jazz”
Play something for the Birdman of Alcatraz
Play Buster Keaton, play Harold Lloyd
Play Bugsy Siegel, play Pretty Boy Floyd
Play the numbers, play the odds
Play “Cry Me A River” for the Lord of the gods
Play number 9, play number 6
Play it for Lindsey and Stevie Nicks
Play Nat King Cole, play “Nature Boy”
Play “Down In The Boondocks” for Terry Malloy
Play “It Happened One Night” and “One Night of Sin”
There’s 12 Million souls that are listening in
Play “Merchant of Venice”, play “Merchants of Death”
Play “Stella by Starlight” for Lady Macbeth

Don’t worry, Mr. President. Help’s on the way
Your brothers are coming; there’ll be hell to pay
Brothers? What brothers? What’s this about hell?
Tell them, “We’re waiting. Keep coming.” We’ll get them as well

Love Field is where his plane touched down
But it never did get back up off the ground
Was a hard act to follow, second to none
They killed him on the altar of the rising sun
Play “Misty” for me and “That Old Devil Moon”
Play “Anything Goes” and “Memphis in June”
Play “Lonely At the Top” and “Lonely Are the Brave”
Play it for Houdini spinning around his grave
Play Jelly Roll Morton, play “Lucille”
Play “Deep In a Dream”, and play “Driving Wheel”
Play “Moonlight Sonata” in F-sharp
And “A Key to the Highway” for the king on the harp
Play “Marching Through Georgia” and “Dumbarton’s Drums”
Play darkness and death will come when it comes
Play “Love Me Or Leave Me” by the great Bud Powell
Play “The Blood-stained Banner”, play “Murder Most Foul”

Who Killed JFK?


Chess and the JFK Assassination

November 22, 1963: A Day Which Lives In Infamy

Theory Of Shadows: A Review


November 22, 1963: A Day Which Lives In Infamy

The Day John Kennedy Died
Lou Reed
Produced by Sean Fullan & Lou Reed
Album The Blue Mask

I dreamed I was the President of these United States
I dreamed I replaced ignorance, stupidity and hate
I dreamed the perfect union and a perfect law, undenied
And most of all I dreamed I forgot the day John Kennedy died

I dreamed that I could do the job that others hadn’t done
I dreamed that I was uncorrupt and fair to everyone
I dreamed I wasn’t gross or base, a criminal on the take
And most of all I dreamed I forgot the day John Kennedy died

Oh, the day John Kennedy died
Oh, the day John Kennedy died

I remember where I was that day, I was Upstate in a bar
The team from the University was playing football on TV
Then the screen want dead and the announcer said
“there’s been a tragedy
There’s are unconfirmed reports the President’s been shot
And he may be dead or dying.”

Talking stopped, someone shouted “What,”
I ran out to the street
People were gathered everywhere saying
Did you hear what they said on TV
And then a guy in a Porsche with his radio hit his horn
And told us the news
He said, “the President’s dead, he was shot twice in the head
In Dallas, and they don’t know by whom.”

I dreamed I was the President of these United States
I dreamed I was young and smart and it was not a waste
I dreamed that there was a point to life and to the human race
I dreamed that I could somehow comprehend that someone
Shot him in the face

Oh, the day John Kennedy died
Oh, the day John Kennedy died
Oh, the day John Kennedy died
Oh, the day John Kennedy died


JFK Assassination Song: “The Day John Kennedy Died” by Lou Reed
Posted on May 21, 2013 by Dead Man

The Day John Kennedy Died” was written and recorded by Lou Reed and included on his 1982 album The Blue Mask. Released just before Lou Reed turned 40, this album was among the most acclaimed of his career. The instrumentation was relatively spare, as Reed led a stripped down guitar-bass-drums band with few overdubs. Actually, the album features twin lead guitars with Lou Reed and David Quine separated in the mix to great effect. Dispensing with the decadent “Rock N Roll Animal” persona that he had adopted in the 1970s, the songs on The Blue Mask were more direct and personal than on previous Lou Reed albums.


JFK Assassination Song: “The Day John Kennedy Died” by Lou Reed

Happy 30th Birthday to ‘The Blue Mask,’ Lou Reed’s Solo Masterpiece

16 Inspiring Songs That Honor JFK

From the Police to Tori Amos, check out these unique ways musicians paid tribute to the President

By Rolling Stone

The Human League, ‘Seconds’

USCF Going Down

This concerns the first post pulled by deputy Schulte on the USCF forum. I was responding to comments made by another deputy dawg, Boyd M. Reed, who wrote, “It should also be noted that the economic crisis triggered by the Lehman collapse did not discriminate based on age. My portfolio bears sorry witness to that fact.” Many books have been written refuting the comments made by Mr. Reed. I thought he might read an article or two in order to educate himself, but I could have been mistaken. Some people would rather hold onto their fallacious beliefs, spoon-fed by the corporate controlled media, rather than search for “the truth”, which is, as Mulder told Scully, “out there.”
Re: Should Children Play in “Big Money” Events?
Sent at: Sat Aug 09, 2014 7:30 pm
From: mfschulte
To: nocab Moderators
Mr. Bacon,
The below post has been pulled. Specifically, the AUG discourages posts unrelated to chess, and in this case, there is a lot in your post on politics, which can particularly make other members uncomfortable or unwelcome. Please do confine the discussion to chess.
Thank you.
nocab wrote: I have been a fan of baseball about 44 years. There is only one baseball World Series. Although I have played poker, I am not, and never have been, a fan of the game in the same way I have been a fan of baseball, and chess. I would like to thank you for picking that particular nit, as I now know much more about the WSOP than I need to know.
I would suggest to anyone who would write, “… the economic crisis triggered by the Lehman collapse,” do a search on http://www.startpage.com and type in the name, Matt Taibbi, and read anything and everything the man has written on the so-called “economic crisis.” Begin with his most famous article, “The Great American Bubble Machine: From tech stocks to high gas prices, Goldman Sachs has engineered every major market manipulation since the Great Depression — and they’re about to do it again”
http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/ne … z39vy95uJc
“The now famous Rolling Stone magazine article in 2009 by Matt Taibbi unforgettably referred to Goldman Sachs, the world’s most powerful investment bank, as a “great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.”
At the time, Taibbi was describing Goldman’s role in the 2008 financial crisis and the speculative bubble of mortgage-backed securities assets which later came crashing down.” http://www.forbes.com/sites/jakezamansk … n-sucking/
If you do not have time to read everything he has written on the subject, then after you read this famous article, skip to his last one,
“The Vampire Squid Strikes Again: The Mega Banks’ Most Devious Scam Yet”
Banks are no longer just financing heavy industry. They are actually buying it up and inventing bigger, bolder and scarier scams than ever
http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/ne … z39vsE5Opq

If one takes the time to do this, he will never again be naive enough to write, “… the economic crisis triggered by the Lehman collapse.” He will have a much better understanding of why I say we were Bushwhacked by the Banksters.

Specific to this discussion, more nuclear waste is being produced. This isn’t a bad thing. The more difficult proposition is disposing of said waste material. However, the more waste produced, the more likely it is that someone will come up with an idea as to how we dispose of the waste material. (This was written in response to this, written by Boyd Reed: “Times have changed a bit since 1970. Specific to this discussion, more children have gravitated to chess. This isn’t a bad thing. The more difficult proposition is keeping them involved with chess in general, and USCF in particular, as they become adults. However, the more children one can get involved in chess, the more likely it is more children will make chess a lifelong avocation.” It has been a quarter of a century since USCF was diverted to become the United States Scholastic Chess Federation and the pooh-bahs keep saying things like “the more children one can get involved with chess the better the odds are that one day, hopefully soon, some of those children will stop dropping out of chess before puberty.”)

The thread to which I refer is: MonRois and how they are used…tournament question for TDs!
Postby RayKinStL on Mon Apr 27, 2009 9:38 am #140440

It is possible that the comments by the fellow who started the above thread I mentioned were on the forum of the St. Louis Chess & Scholastic Center, which no longer exists, and not on the USCF forum. (This is in response to Boyd Reed, who wrote, “I sorrowfully confess that, despite my best efforts, I can’t seem to find a Forums thread within the last five years that references such castigation and/or vilification. I would be most grateful if Mr. Bacon could direct me (and others) to the thread in question.”)

I apologize if any of my comments have offended any of the badge men. My friend Mulfish elucidated me in a private email as to the relationship of the sheriff to the USCF.

Equating how a child is treated in school bears absolutely no relation to how a child is treated at a chess tournament because the child MUST attend school. The government has laws forcing children to attend school. The government will not arrest a parent if he does not make his child attend a chess tournament. (This was a response to one “tmagchesspgh” aka, Thomas Magar, who wrote, “In schools, a parent may request to come into a classroom to observe his/her child. The school in turn may reject that request. There is no absolute right that the parent be allowed in the same room as the child. Doing so might be distracting to the learning process for the other children. It also bums out the kid who is really embarrassed by the overbearing parent. Just because you have an interest does not mean that you have a right to interfere with administration.”)

Learning to dislike children at an early age saves a lot of expense and aggravation later in life. – Robert Byrne

Deputy Schulte writes, “…which can particularly make other members uncomfortable or unwelcome.”

It has been my experience on the USCF forum that one is made welcome by the people who have written extensively on said forum only if one toes the party line. As soon as anyone expresses any idea that is opposed to the politburo, the nit-pickers and nay-sayers come out in force, singing, “Don’t worry, be happy,” and “Everything is beautiful in its own way.” I am reminded of the scene in the movie, “Titanic,” when the band keeps playing as the ship is going down…
Speaking of going down…Last month there was a gathering at the huge World Congress Center of Telegu people from the southern part of India who are living in Atlanta. One of the speakers was a man known to be their financial “guru.” He created a firestorm when he told the gathering there was an economic tsunami coming, and to not purchase a house here, but rent. One assumes that is so they can “get outta Dodge” ASAP when the crisis hits. This was before the financial wizard, George Soros made news when he decided to “double-down” on an economic collapse. Anyone involved with chess knows there is a plethora of Indian children playing the game. If they were to leave USCF…Oh well, the band will continue to play while the ship of chess goes down.
And if reading this makes you uncomfortable, good! Chess does not exist in a vacuum. What happens in other parts of the world affect the Royal game. For example, the headline today reads, “FIDE rejects Carlsen’s request to postpone match.” (https://chess24.com/en/read/news/fide-rejects-carlsen-s-request-to-postpone-match)
And with headlines like this, found on the Drudge Report, “NATO: ‘Alarming’ build-up of Russian troops on Ukraine border…
Russia firing artillery within Ukraine…” who can blame the World Human Chess Champion for wanting to postpone the match? My advice to the young man, Magnus Carlsen, is the championship belongs to you, not FIDE. Those crooked bastards can take it away from you in name only. They need you; you do not need them, and even ET and Rootin’ Tootin’ Putin know this fact. You will still be considered the World Human Chess Champion no matter what the corrupt FIDE rules!

Jeff Beck Group – Going Down

Joe Bonamassa, Dusty Hill, Derek Trucks and Billy Gibbons – Going Down (HD)

The Discman Part Deux

After reading an article in Rolling Stone magazine, “Between the Bars: 20 Great Songs About Prison,” you know what I did. “OK Discman, offa the toppa your noggin’…Name the best prison song of all time!”

This time a reply was received from the Discman so soon it left me wondering if he, too, had read the article and had an answer prepared for me!
“Here’s my top 25 plus some Honorable Mentions:

1) Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash)

2) Jail House Rock (Elvis Pressley)

3) Ellis Unit One (Steve Earl)

4) You Never Even Call Me By My Name (David Allan Coe)

5) Hurricane (Bob Dylan)

6) Wichita Jail (Charlie Daniels Band)

7) Fish in the Jailhouse (Tom Waits)

8) Care of Cell 44 (The Zombies)
9) Jailbreak (Thin Lizzy)

10) 30 Days in the Hole (Humble Pie)

11) I’m In the Jailhouse Now (Webb Pierce)

12) Life in Prison (Merle Haggard)

13) County Jail Blues (Eric Clapton)

14) Jailer (J.J. Cale)

15) Riot in Cell Block #9 (Johnny Winter)

16) Prison Blues (Guitar Slim)

17) Judge Boushay Blues (Furry Lewis)

18) Cincinatti Jail (Ronnie Earl)

19) Maxwell’s Silver Hammer (The Beatles)

20) Murder in My Heart for the Judge (Moby Grape)

21) Give My Love to Rose (Johnny Cash)

22) Prison Trilogy (Joan Baez)

23) Christmas in Prison (John Prine)

24) 25 Minutes to Go (Johnny Cash)

25) I Got Stripes (Johnny Cash)

Honorable Mention:

Good Morning Judge (Furry Lewis)

30 Days in Jail (Bessie Smith)

Jail House Blues (Bessie Smith)

Death Cell Blues (Blind Willie McTell)

The Cell (Leslie West)

What a Lowdown Place this Jailhouse Is (Blind Blake)

Prison Bound (Sonny Boy Williamson & Memphis Slim)

Tijuana Jail (Kingston Trio)

Go To Jail (R.L. Burnside)

The Wall (Johnny Cash)

Greystone Chapel (Johnny Cash)

Rusty Cage (Johnny Cash)

The Cage (Elton John)

Doin’ My Time (Johnny Cash & Marty Stuart)

Weighted Down (Skip Spence)”

The man knows his music! A little later another email arrived from the Man of the Disc, “You should take a listen to Ellis Unit One by Steve Earl – it’s a haunting song about capital punishment and the electric chair told from the perspective of a jailer guarding murder row.”

To which I replied,
“I have and it is…I’m a HUGE fan of Steve Earl. I’ve caught him on Austin City Limits and various other programs on the tube…”
To which he replied, “Yeah I’m with ya – LOVE Steve Earle.”

After informing the post had been published, he sent me this:

One of the benefits of the internet is virtually unlimited space – there are no arbitrary restrictions like you have with printed media…

On another note, I was listening to Disc #190 yesterday and ran into a great Jail song I neglected to include on my list: Trudy by the CDB off the outstanding 1975 album Fire On the Mountain.

Definitely would have been in the Top 10, as it combines Jail and Poker.

I assume you know what a “mechanic” is at the card table – it’s somebody who is very good at shuffling/dealing to give himself (or somebody else) specific cards (i.e. CHEATING). A good mechanic is always good at “base-dealing” (i.e. dealing from the bottom of the deck…)

Now Johnny Lee Walker was a card mechanic…

and how good is this lyric:

Then I took off a running like a motorcycle
Heard the bullets whining and sirens wail
But it took half the cops in Dallas County
Just to put one coon-ass boy in jail


Call up Trudy on the telephone
Send a letter in the mail
Tell her I’m hung up in Dallas
And they won’t let me outta this jail

And if she asks you how I’m fairing
Tell her I’m just about to lose my mind
Worried about old Johnny Lee Walker
And the girl I left behind

Now Johnny Lee Walker was a card mechanic
Had a hand for trouble and a eye for cash
Luckiest man in Dallas County
He had a gold watch chain and a black mustache

And he loved his whiskey and he loved his women
Drove a big long Cadillac limosine
Kept a big fine fancy townhouse in Dallas
And a hotel suite in New Orleans

Carried a switchblade knife in his left hip pocket
And a .44 hog leg up under his coat
Cut you down in a New York minute
If he catch you cheating that was all she wrote

So call up Trudy on the telephone
Send her a letter in the mail
Tell her I’m hung up in Dallas
And they won’t let me outta this jail

If she asks you how I’m fairing
Tell her I’m just about to lose my mind
Worried about old Johnny Lee Walker
And the girl I left behind

I just got to town last Friday evening
Sure as hell didn’t mean to stay
I was on my way back to Louisiana
Had a powerful thirst and six months pay

I met a peroxide blonde in a bar on D-ville
I was flying high and feeling mean
Poured down a bottle and a half of red eye
I dropped 35 dollars in the slot machine

And the boys in the back was dealing 7 card
I set down and won me a 110
I was raking in chips like Grant took Richmond
Till big Johnny Lee come a strolling in

He ripped off the table like a 707
Pretty soon he done won all of my bread
I accused him of cheating he reached for a pistol
I grabbed a chair and went upside of his head

Then I took off a running like a motorcycle
Heard the bullets whining and sirens wail
But it took half the cops in Dallas County
Just to put one coon-ass boy in jail

So call up Trudy on the telephone
Send her a letter in the mail
Tell her I’m hung up in Dallas
And they won’t let me outta this jail

And if she asks you how I’m fairing
Tell her I’m just about to lose my mind
Worried about old Johnny Lee Walker
And the girl I left behind

The Discman

One of the good things about chess is the friendships that develop because of a mutual interest. In most cases the interest would be chess, but sometimes it goes beyond just the game. For instance, a friendship developed with NM Chris Chambers because of mutual interests in Rock & Roll music and baseball. Although Chris is a decade and a half younger his music is what mine was around the time he was born. That was when I would go to bed with a transistor radio under my pillow with which to listen to the “Top Ten at Ten.” I rarely went to sleep without knowing what song was #1 that night. My parents wondered why it was so difficult to roust me out of bed in the morning. Like most boomers I started out listening to the sound of Motown, like The Platters (“The Great Pretender” was one of my favorites); the Four Tops, & The Temptations. Rock & Roll came after Motown, made popular by shows like “American Bandstand,” with forever young host Dick Clark. I lived through the era and have shared many memories with my friend, The Discman. I began called Chris The Discman whild working at the Atlanta Chess & (What other?) Game Center when he told me about his “rotation.” Like most people in Atlanta, Chris was spending an inordinate amount of time in his car on his way to and from work, so he began burning disc’s to play. He told me when he reached disc number one thousand. “What I do is start with the first one and by the time I finish the last one I’ve forgotten what was on the first one!” That was when I said, “You are truly The Discman!”
I have known for many years now that The Discman has enough knowledge of Rock & Roll that he could earn a PhD in R&R if there were such a thing. He has continued to amaze me with his erudition over the years. This time he has astounded me and it began with a simple question found in the pages of Rolling Stone magazine…
I noticed an article, “20 Best Second Albums of All Time,” on the website (http://www.rollingstone.com/music/lists/20-best-second-albums-of-all-time-20140324#ixzz2xI6j3B72) and began cogitating. An email to The Discman followed: 20 Best Second Albums of All Time
Take a few moments, Discman, and cogitate on what you consider the best 20 to be…I will admit to having trouble deciding which albums were #2…Of those I did, my list was more like my faves…
A knockout debut album is like love at first sight. But classic second records are like amazing second dates, the ones when you really get to know each other. Here are 20 artists that never knew the meaning of “sophomore slump.” By Richard Gehr and Keith Harris.
I heard nothing from The Discman for a few weeks, thinking he must be busy with work and life, so I sent him this: Discman,
Concerning the 20 best second albums….I obviously nailed Bob & The Band….also hit with Led Zep & Jimi….Although I considered Neal Young, did could not come up with his second disc, I am honest enough to report…After going to allmusic.com I figured it would make the cut…I was SHOCKED to see Van the Man’s Astral Weeks was NOT his first album! I would have wagered HEAVILY, as I have always thought of it as his first album… I also thought TAPESTRY was CK’s first….I missed the Beatles…shat can I say? I did not even consider them! I liked, “And once the Beatles covered Chuck Berry’s “Roll Over Beethoven” and Smokey Robinson’s “You Really Got a Hold on Me,” they stayed covered.”
Although I liked Elvis Costello, I was never a big fan and would have had no idea…and most of the others fall into the category of “I ain’t gotta clue.”
Then I received an email saying, “I’m still researching my response.”
Weeks later I was hit with this broadside:
Wow Bacon that’s a tough one. Don’t ever ask me a question like that!

After extensive research, I couldn’t narrow it down to just 20 so here are my top 40 Second albums, plus a bunch of Honorable Mentions plus even more others that I considered, so make sure you scroll all the way down…

The Greatest:

1. The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Axis: Bold as Love (1967)
2. Bob Dylan – The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan (1963)
3. Taj Mahal – Taj Mahal (1968)
4. Led Zeppelin – II (1969)
5. Santana – Abraxis (1970)
6. The Band – The Band (1969)
7. Crosby Stills & Nash – Deja Vu (1970)
8. The Allman Brothers – Idlewild South (1970)
9. Nirvana – Nevermind (1991)
10. Cream – Disraeli Gears (1967)
11. Love – Da Capo (1967)
12. Merle Haggard – Swinging Doors and the Bottle Let Me Down (1966)
13. Van Morrison – Astral Weeks (1968)
14. Muddy Waters – At Newport (1960)
15. Elvis Presley – Elvis (1956)
16. Jefferson Airplane – Surrealistic Pillow (1967)
17. Albert King – Born Under a Bad Sign (1967)
18. Bush – Razorblade Suitcase (1996)
19. Bruce Springsteen – The Wild, the Innocent, and the E-Street Shuffle (1973)
20. Amy Winehouse – Back to Black (2006)
21. The Rolling Stones – 12×5 (1964)
22. Elvis Costello & the Attractions – This Year’s Model (1978)
23. Public Enemy – It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back (1988)
24. N.W.A. – Straight Outta Compton (1988)
25. The Beatles – With the Beatles (1963)
26. Carole King – Tapestry (1971)
27. Rod Stewart – Gasoline Alley (1970)
28. The Doors – Strange Days (1967)
29. Dave Matthews Band – Under the Table and Dreaming (1994)
30. Gram Parsons – GP (1973)
31. Elmore James – Blues After Blues (1960)
32. Joe Satriani – Surfing With the Alien (1987)
33. Joni Mitchell – Clouds (1969)
34. The Yardbirds – Having a Rave Up (1965)
35. Metallica – Ride the Lightning (1984)
36. R.E.M. – Reckoning (1984)
37. Run-D.M.C. – King of Rock (1985)
38. Jimmy Reed – Rockin’ With Reed (1959)
39. Bonnie Raitt – Give it Up (1972)
40. Eminem – The Slim Shady LP (1999)

Honorable Mention:

3 Doors Down – Away From the Sun (2002)
Alice in Chains – Dirt (1992)
The Animals – Animal Tracks (1965)
Aretha Franklin – Aretha (1961)
The Average White Band – AWB (1974)
B.B. King – The Blues (1960)
Paul McCartney – Ram (1971)
Black Sabbath – Paranoid (1970)
Blood, Sweat & Tears – Blood, Sweat & Tears (1969)
Bootsy Collins – Ahh…The Name is Bootsy Baby! (1977)
Boz Scaggs – Boz Scaggs (1969)
Brian Eno – Here Come the Warm Jets (1974)
Buddy Guy – It’s My Life, Baby! (1966)
Budgie – Squawk (1972)
Buffalo Springfield – Buffalo Springfield Again (1967)
The Byrds – Turn! Turn! Turn! (1966)
Cake – Fashion Nugget (1996)
The Cars – Candy-O (1978)
Chemical Brothers – Dig Your Own Hole (1997)
Chicago – Chicago II – (1970)
Chocolate Watchband – Inner Mystique (1968)
Chuck Berry – One Dozen Berrys (1958)
Clannad – Clannad 2 (1974)
The Clash – Give ’em Enough Rope (1978)
Country Joe & the Fish – I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin’-to-Die (1967)
The Cowboy Junkies – Trinity Session (1988)
The Cranberries – No Need to Argue (1994)
Creedence Clearwater Revival – Bayou Country (1969)
The Cure – Boys Don’t Cry (1980)
Curtis Mayfield – Roots (1971)
The Doobie Brothers – Toulouse Street (1972)
Doug Sahm – Texas Tornado (1973)
Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show – Sloppy Seconds (1972)
Dwight Yoakam – Hillbilly Deluxe (1987)
The Eagles – Desperado (1973)
Don Henley – Building the Perfect Beast (1984)
Earl Hooker – Two Bugs and a Roach (1969)
Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Tarkus (1971)
Emmylou Harris – Pieces of the Sky (1975)
The Bluesbreakers – The Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton (1966)
Etta James – At Last! (1961)
The Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) (1983)
The Everly Brothers – Songs our Daddy Taught Us (1958)
The Small Faces – Small Faces (1967)
The Faces – Long Player (1971)
The Fixx – Reach the Beach (1983)
The Flying Burrito Brothers – Burrito Deluxe (1970)
The Foo Fighters – The Colour and the Shape (1997)
The Four Seasons – The Four Seasons Greeting (1962)
Frank Zappa – Absolutely Free (1967) [Brown Shoes Don’t Make it]
Gerry Rafferty – City to City (1978)
Gordon LIghtfoot – The Way I Feel (1967)
The Good Rats – Tasty (1974)
The Grateful Dead – Anthem of the Sun (1968)
Jerry Garcia – Garcia (1972)
Iggy Pop – Lust for Life (1977)
Incubus – Enjoy Incubus (1997)
Iron Butterfly – In-A-Godda-Da-Vida (1968)
Isaac Hayes – Hot Buttered Soul (1969)
The James Gang – Rides Again (1970)
James Taylor – Sweet Baby James (1970)
Jethro Tull – Stand Up (1969)
Jimmy Buffett – A White Sport Coat and a Pink Crustacian (1973)
Joe Walsh – The Smoker You Drink, the Player You Get (1973)
John Mayall – Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton (1966)
Johnny Shines – Johnny Shines with Big Walter Horton (1969)
Joy Division – Closer (1980)
Jr. Walker & the All-Stars – Road Runner & Home Cookin’ (1966)
Leon Redbone – Double Time (1977)
Leonard Cohen – Songs from a Room (1969)
Lindisfarne – Fog on the Tyne (1971)
Little Charlie & the NIghtcats – Disturbing the Peace (1988)
Little Feat – Sailin’ Shoes (1972)
Loggins & Messina – Sittin’ In (1972)
Luther Allison – Bad News is Coming (1973)
Lyle Lovett – Pontiac (1987)
Lynyrd Skynyrd – Second Helping (1974)
Mahavishnu Orchestra – Birds of Fire (1973)
The Mamas & the Papas – The Mamas & the Papas (1966)
Meat Loaf – Bat Out of Hell (1977)
Memphis Slim – At the Gate of the Horn (1959)
Michelle Shocked – Short Sharp Shocked (1988)
Mississippi Fred McDowell – My Home is in the Delta (1965)
My Chemical Romance – Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge (2004)
Leslie West – The Great Fatsby (1975)
Neil Young – Everybody Knows This is Nowhere (1969)
New York Dolls – Too Much Too Soon (1974)
Nick Drake – Bryter Layter (1970)
Omar & the Howlers – I Told You So (1984)
The Paul Butterfield Blues Band – East-West (1966)
Phish – A Picture of Nectar (1991)
Pinetop Perkins – After Hours (1988)
Pixies – Doolittle (1989)
Pure Prairie League – Bustin’ Out (1972)
Randy Newman – 12 Songs (1970)
Robert Cray – Bad Influence (1983)
Robin Trower – Bridge of Sighs (1974)
The Faces – Long Player (1971)
Roxy Music – For Your Pleasure (1973)
Roy Buchanan – Buch & the Snake Stretchers (1972)
Roy Wood – Boulders (1973)
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band – Next (1974)
Paul Simon – Paul Simon (1972)
Smashing Pumpkins – Siamese Dream (1993)
Smokin’ Joe Kubek – Steppin’ Out Texas Style (1991)
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee – Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry Sing (1958)
Spooky Tooth – Spooky Two (1969)
Steppenwolf – Steppenwolf the Second (1968)
Steve Vai – Passion and Warfare (1990)
Stone Temple Pilots – Purple (1994)
System of a Down – Toxicity (2001)
Talking Heads – More Songs About Buildings and Food (1978)
Tammy Wynette – Stand By Your Man (1969)
The Blue Nile – Hats (1989)
Todd Rundgren – Runt: The Ballad of Todd Rundgren (1971)
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers – Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers (1976)
Tom Waits – The Heart of Saturday Night (1974)
Tommy Bolin – Private Eyes (1976)
Tool – Aenima (1996)
Trapeze – Medusa (1970)
Van Halen – Van Halen 2 (1979)
The Velvet Underground – White Light/White Heat (1968)
Ugly Kid Joe – America’s Least Wanted (1992)
The Wallflowers – Bringing Down the Horse (1996)
Warren Zevon – Excitable Boy (1978)
Weather Report – Live in Tokyo (1972)
Weezer – Pinkerton (1996)
The White Stripes – De Stijl (2000)
Widespread Panic – Widespread Panic (1991)
Wire – Chairs Missing (1978)

Other Candidates:

The 13th Floor Elevators – Easter Everywhere (1967)
Aerosmith – Get Your Wings (1974)
The Alan Parsons Project – I Robot (1977)
Albert Hammond – It Never Rains in Southern California (1973)
The Amazing Rhythm Aces – Too Suffed to Jump (1976)
The Amboy Dukes – Journey to the Center of the Earth (1968)
America – Homecoming (1973)
The Association – And Then…Along Comes the Association (1966)
Atomic Rooster – Death Walks Behind You (1970)
Bachman-Turner Overdrive – BTO II (1973)
Bad Company – Straight Shooter (1975)
Badfinger – No Dice (1970)
The Beach Boys – Surfin’ USA (1963)
The Beastie Boys – Paul’s Boutique (1989)
John Lennon – John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band (1970)
Billie Holliday – Billie Holliday Sings (1950)
Billy Joel – Piano Man (1973)
Black Crowes – The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion (1992)
The Blackbyrds – The Blackbyrds (1974)
Al Kooper – Super Session (1968)
Blue Cheer – Outsideinside (1968)
Blue Oyster Cult – Tyranny and Mutation (1973)
Blues Project – Projections (1966)
Bo Diddley – Go Bo Diddley (1959)
Bob Marley – Catch a Fire (1973)
Bobby Blue Bland – Two Steps From the Blues (1961)
The Bonzo Dog Band – The Doughnut in Granny’s Greenhouse (1968)
Boston – Don’t Look Back (1978)
Brenda Lee – This is…Brenda (1960)
Buddy Holly – Buddy Holly (1958)
Bukka White – Memphis Hot Shots (1968)
Camel – Mirage (1974)
Can – Soundtracks (1970)
Canned Heat – Boogie With Canned Heat (1968)
Captain Beyond – Sufficiently Breathless (1973)
Caravan – If I Could do it Over Again I’d do it All Over You (1970)
The Carpenters – Close to You (1970)
Cassandra Wilson – Point of View (1986)
Charlie Musselwhite – Stone Bules (1968)
Cheap Trick – Cheap Trick (1977)
Chris Thomas King – Cry of the Prophets (1990)
Clarence Carter – The Dynamic Clarence Carter (1969)
Coco Montoya – You’d Think I’d Know Better (1996)
Cocteau Twins – Head Over Heels (1983)
Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen – Hot Licks, Cold Steel & Truckers Favorites (1972)
The Commodores – Caught in the Act (1975)
Daniel Lanois – For the Beauty of Wynona (1993)
Dave Brubek Trio with Cal Tjader, Vol. 2 (1950)
Dave Mason – Dave Mason & Cass Elliott (1971)
David Bromberg – Demon in Disguise (1972)
Def Leppard – High ‘N Dry (1981)
The Dixie Dregs – Free Fall (1977)
Don McLean – American Pie (1971)
Donna Summer – Love to Love You Baby (1975)
Dream Theater – Images and Words (1992)
The Drifters – Rock & Roll (1957)
Duran Duran – Rio (1982)
Glenn Frey – The Allnighter (1984)
The Easybeats – It’s 2 Easy (1966)
Echo & the Bunnymen – Heaven Up Here (1981)
Eddie Rabbitt – Rocky Mountain Music (1976)
Edie Brickell – Ghost of a Dog (1990)
The Electric Prunes – Underground (1967)
Eloy – Inside (1973)
Elton John – Elton John (1970)
Elvin Bishop – Feel It! (1970)
Eric Clapton – Eric Clapton’s Rainbow Concert (1973)
Everclear – Sparkle and Fade (1995)
Fairport Convention – What We Did on Our Holidays (1969)
Family – Family Entertainment (1969)
Firefall – Luna Sea (1977)
Five Man Electrical Band – Good-Byes and Butterflys (1970)
The Flamin’ Groovies – Flamingo (1970)
Focus – Moving Waves (1971)
Foreigner – Double Vision (1978)
The Four Tops – Second Album (1965)
Frank Sinatra – Sing and Dance with Frank Sinatra (1950)
Free – Free (1969)
The Fugs – Virgin Fugs (1966)
Funkadelic – Funkadelic (1970)
Furry Lewis – Back on My Feet Again (1961)
Garth Brooks – No Fences (1990)
Gene Vincent – Gene Vincent & the Blue Caps (1957)
Steve Hackett – Please Don’t Touch! (1978)
Gentle Giant – Acquiring the Taste (1971)
George Thorogood & the Deleware Destroyers – Move it on Over (1978)
Godsmack – Godsmack (1998)
Gov’t Mule – Live at the Roseland Ballroom (1996)
Graham Parker – Heat Treatment (1976)
Grand Funk Railroad – Grand Funk (1970)
The Grass Roots – Let’s Live for Today (1967)
Griffin Hill – Lost & Found (2004)
Gryphon – Midnight Mushrumps (1974)
Guitar Shorty – Topsy Turvy (1993)
Hall & Oates – Abandoned Luncheonette (1972)
Hank Snow – Hank Snow Salutes Jimmie Rodgers (1953)
Hank Williams – Hank Williams as Luke the Drifter (1955)
Harry Chpin – Sniper & Other Love Songs (1972)
Harry Nilsson – Pandamonium Shadow Show (1967)
Heart – Little Queen (1977)
Heatwave – Central Heating (1977)
Henry Cow – Leg End (1973)
Herbie Handcock – My Point of View (1963)
Honeymoon Suites – The Big Prize (1986)
The Hooters – Nervous Night (1985)
Hootie & the Blowfish – Cracked Rear View(1994)
Hot Chocolate – Hot Chocolate (1975)
Hound Dog Taylor – Natural Boogie (1973)
Howlin’ Wolf – The Rockin’ Chair Album (1962)
Humble Pie – Town and Country (1969)
Ian Dury – Do it Yourself (1979)
The Incredible String Band – The 5000 Spirits or the Layer of the Onion (1967)
Iron Maiden – Killers (1981)
J Geils Band – The Morning After (1971)
Jack Bruce – Things We Like (1970)
Jackson Browne – For Everyman (1973)
James Brown – Please, Please, Please (1959)
Jane’s Addiction – Nothing’s Shocking (1988)
J.B. Lenoir – Crusade (1970)
Jeff Beck – Beck-ola (1969)
JIm Croce – Croce (1969)
Jimmy Rushing – Jimmy Rushing Sings the Blues and All That Jazz (1955)
Joan Jett – Bad Reputation (1981)
Joe Cocker – Joe Cocker! (1969)
Joe Ely – Honky Tonk Masquerade (1978)
Joe Jackson – I’m the Man (1979)
Joe Louis Walker – The Gift (1988)
Joe Tex – The New Boss (1966)
John Prine – Diamonds in the Rough (1972)
John Stewart – California Bloodlines (1969)
Johnny Cash – The Fabulous Johnny Cash (1958)
Johnny Winter – The Progressive Blues Experiment (1969)
Jonathan Edwards – Honky-Tonk Starburst Cowboy (1972)
Jonny Lang – Lie to Me (1997)
Junior Parker – Driving Wheel (1962)
Keb’ Mo’ – Just Like You (1996)
Kenny Neal – Big News from Baton Rouge!! (1988)
Kim Wilson – That’s Life (1994)
King Crimson – Lizard (1970)
The Kingston Trio – Stereo Concert (1958)
KISS – Hotter than Hell (1974)
Klaatu – Klaatu (1976)
Kool & the Gang – Live at the Sex Machine (1971)
Kraftwerk – Kraftwerk 2 (1972)
Robert Plant – The Principle of Moments (1983)
The Left Banke – The Left Bank Too (1968)
Lenny Kravitz – Mama Said (1991)
Lightnin’ Hopkins – Lightnin’ Hopkins (1959)
Little Anthony & the Imperials – Shades of the ’40’s (1961)
Little Richard – Little Richard (1958)
Little Willie John – Talk to Me (1959)
Living Colour – Time’s Up (1990)
Kenny Loggins – Nightwatch (1978)
Louis Jordan – Let the Good Times Roll (1963)
Loverboy – Get Lucky (1981)
Lovin’ Spoonful – Daydream (1966)
Lowell Fulson – Soul (1966)
Magic Sam – Black Magic (1968)
Mark Hummel – Hard Rockin’ 1990’s (1992)
Marshall Tucker Band – Where We All Belong (1974)
MC5 – Back in the USA (1970)
Michael Franks – The Art of Tea (1976)
The Jackson 5 – ABC (1970)
Michael Nesmith – Magnetic South (1970)
The Michael Stanly Band – Friends & Legends (1973)
Midnight Oil – Head Injuries (1979)
Mike + the Mechanics – The Living Years (1988)
Modern English – After the Snow (1983)
Molly Hatchet – Flirtin’ with Disaster (1979)
The Monkees – More of the Monkees (1967)
Justin Hayward – Songwriter (1977)
Mother’s Finest – Another Mother Further (1977)
Motley Crue – Shout at the Devil (1983)
Motorhead – Overkill (1979)
Mountain – Nantucket Sleighride (1971)
Nantucket – Your Face or Mine (1979)
Natalie Cole – Natalie (1976)
Neil Diamond – Just for You (1967)
Nektar – A Tab in the Ocean (1972)
New Order – Power, Corruption & Lies (1983)
New Riders of the Purple Sage – Powerglide (1972)
The Nice – Ars Longa Vita Brevis (1968)
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – The Firstborn is Dead (1985)
Night Ranger – Midnight Madness (1983)
Nine Inch Nails – The Downward Spiral (1994)
The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – Ricochet (1967)
The Ohio Players – Pain (1972)
The O’Jays – Soul Sounds (1967)
Orchestral Manoeuvers in the Dark – Organisation (1980)
The Outlaws – Lady in Waiting (1976)
The Ozark Mountain Daredevils – It’ll Shine When it Shines (1974)
Parliament – Up for the Down Stroke (1974)
Pat Benatar – Crimes of Passion (1980)
Paul Weller – Wild Wood (1993)
Pavlov’s Dog – At the Sound of the Bell (1975)
Pearl Jam – Vs. (1993)
Pere Ubu – Dub Housing (1978)
Peter Frampton – Frampton’s Camel (1973)
Peter Gabriel – Peter Gabriel (1978)
Pink – M!zzundaztood (1991)
Poco – Poco (1970)
The Police – Reggatta de Blanc (1979)
Sting – The Dream of the Blue Turtles (1985)
The Pretty Things – The Pretty Things (1965)
Procol Harum – Shine on Brightly (1968)
Professor Longhair – Live on the Queen Mary (1978)
The Psychedelic Furs – Talk Talk Talk (1981)
Puddle of Mudd – Come Clean (2001)
Quicksilver Messenger Service – Happy Trails (1969)
The Raconteurs – Consolers of the Lonely (2008)
Rage Against the Machine – Evil Empire (1996)
Rainbow – Rising (1976)
Ram Jam – Portrait of the Artist as a Young Ram (1978)
The Ramones – Leave Home (1977)
The Raspberries – Raspberries (1972)
Ray Charles – Soul Brothers (1957)
Red Rider – As Far as Siam (1981)
The Replacements – Hootenanny (1983)
The Residents – The Third Reich & Roll (1976)
Return to Forever – Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy (1973)
Richard Thompson – Henry the Human Fly (1972)
Rick Derringer – Spring Fever (1975)
R.L. Burnside – Too Bad Jim (1994)
Robert Lockwood Jr. – Contrasts (1974)
Robert Randolph – Unclassified (2003)
Rod Piazza – Harpburn (1986)
The Small Faces – From the Beginning (1967)
Rory Gallagher – Deuce (1971)
Taste – On the Boards (1970)
The Move – Shazam (1970)
Ry Cooder – Into the Purple Valley (1971)
Sade – Promise (1985)
Sarah McLachlan – Solice (1991)
Seal – Seal (1994)
Seatrain – Seatrain (1970)
Sheryl Crow – Sheryl Crow (1996)
Simon & Garfunkel – Sounds of Silence (1966)
Simple Minds – Real to Real Cacophony (1979)
Sinead O’Connor – I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got (1990)
Sister Hazel – …Somewhere More Familiar (1997)
Snoop Dogg – Murder Was the Case (1994)
Soft Cell – Non-Stop Ecstatic Dancing (1982)
Soft Machine – Volume Two (1969)
Son Seals – Midnight Son (1976)
Sonny Landreth – Down in Louisiana (1993)
Southside Johnny – I Don’t Want to go Home (1976)
Sparks – A Woofer in Tweeter’s Clothing (1972)
The Spinners – The Spinners (1972)
Spirit – The Family that Plays Together (1968)
Squeeze – Cool for Cats (1979)
Stanley Clarke – Stanley Clarke (1974)
Steely Dan – Countdown to Ecstacy (1973)
Steve Miller Band – Sailor (1968)
Stone the Crows – Stone the Crows (1970)
The Stylistics – Round 2 (1972)
The Supremes – Where Did Our Love Go (1964)
Suzanne Vega – Solitude Standing (1987)
The Sweet – The Sweet (1973)
Television – Adventure (1978)
The Temptations – The Temptations Sing Smokey (1965)
They Might be Giants – Lincoln (1988)
Three Dog Night – Suitable for Framing (1969)
Tim Buckley – Goodbye and Hello (1967)
The Time – What Time is it? (1982)
Toad the Wet Sprocket – Pale (1990)
The Nazz – Nazz Nazz (1969)
Tori Amos – Under the Pink (1994)
Townes Van Zandt – Our Mother the Mountain (1969)
Traffic – Heaven is in Your Mind (1967)
Triumph – Triumph (1979)
Twisted Sister – You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n Roll (1983)
Van der Graaf Generator – The Least We can do is Wave to Each Other (1970)
Victoria Spivey – Idle Hours (1961)
Violent Femmes – Hallowed Ground (1984)
Warrant – Cherry Pie (1990)
Waylon Jennings – Folk-Country (1966)
Weird Al Yankovic – In 3-D (1984)
The Who – A Quick One (Happy Jack) (1966)
Pete Townshend – Rough Mix (1977)
Wishbone Ash – Pilgrimage (1971)
Yaz – You and Me Both (1983)
Rick Wakeman – Journey to the Centre of the Earth (1974)
The Young Rascals – Collection (1967)
This was followed immediately by this salvo:
Bacon – I purposely didn’t check Rolling Stone’s list while putting mine together.

A comparison:

#20: Pixies – Dolittle. I had this one as Honorable Mention

#19: Pavement – Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain. I’m not familiar with this album

#18: Neil Young – Everyone Knows This is Nowhere. I had this one as honorable mention.

#17: The Stooges – Fun House. I thought about this one but went with Iggy Pop’s Lust For Life instead as a honorable mention

#16: Beastie Boys – Paul’s Boutique. I considered this album but it’s nowhere near License to Ill.

#15: A Tribe Called Quest – The Low End Theory. I’m not familiar with this album.

#14: Bruce Springsteen – The Wild, the Innocent, and the E-Street Shuffle. I had this one as #19.

#13: Black Sabbath – Paranoid. I had this one as honorable mention.

#12: Kanye West – Late Registration. Ummm, no.

#11: Radiohead – The Bends. I looked at Radiohead but didn’t think this was one of their better albums.

#10: Elvis Costello & the Attractions – This Year’s Model. I had this one as #22.

#9: Bob Dylan – The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan. I had this one #2.

#8: The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Axis: Bold as Love. I had this one #1.

#7: Led Zeppelin – II. I had this one #4.

#6: The Beatles – With the Beatles. I had this one #25. There are many better Beatles albums.

#5: Public Enemy – It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back. I had this one #23.

#4: The Band – The Band. I had this #6.

#3: Carole King – Tapestry. I had this one #26.

#2: Van Morrison – Astral Weeks. I had this one #13.

#1: Nirvana – Nevermind. I had this one #9.
As an addendum I received a third, and last, email, in which he asked, “How could they possibly NOT have Abraxis, Deja Vu, Disrali Gears ???” How indeed!
That is why I call him The Discman!