Time Travelers

There have been an inordinate number of people claiming to be traveling in time come forward this year.

Time Traveler Says Part of Halley’s Comet Will Crash into Lake Erie

By Paul Seaburn March 7, 2018

“The next predicted perihelion of Halley’s Comet will occur on July 28, 2061. Those of us lucky enough to still be alive then will have a great view of the famous orb because it will be on the same side of the Sun as the Earth. Unfortunately, the number of us lucky enough to see it may be zero. A man claiming to have traveled to the year 2061 says there will be no humans around to gaze at Halley’s Comet because a piece of it breaks off and slams into Lake Erie, killing everyone on the planet.”

Bill Haley and the Comets. Bill Haley is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame which is in Cleveland on the shore of Lake Erie — coincidence?

“Hi, my name is Jeff Williams and I time traveled to the year 2061 and back. In the year 2061 the world no longer exists. I was sent back as part of a top secret group called Solarity in order to ensure that the timeline remains stable.”

‘Time traveller’ from 4040 reveals aliens LIVING on Earth and apocalyptic war

A SELF-PROCLAIMED time traveller from 4040 has described aliens fleeing to Earth from a devastated planet and an apocalyptic war with machines.

By Tom Towers / Published 4th March 2018 (https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/weird-news/686002/Time-travel-proof-possible-machine-man-warning-4040-aliens-war-robots)