Multi-dimensional Chess in the News

This article appeared a couple of days ago:

A Giant, Multi-Dimensional Chess Game: Publishing in the Age of Platforms

Authenticity and reader service remain paramount at the second annual PubTech Connect conference.

By Greg Dool :: March 8, 2018

This was the picture used in the article:

This article was published today, March 10, 2018:

The incredible multi-dimensional chess of Qualcomm vs. Broadcom

Competitors, national governments increasingly involved in this real-life Game of Thrones battle for supremacy

Danny Crichton@dannycrichton / 3 hours ago

This picture was used in the article:

I will admit to having read neither article. My time was spent searching for other, better, pictures that could have been used in the articles. Here are alternatives:

Which one would you choose?