A Storm Is Brewing In The Chess World

Chess tournament controversy

By Euronews

last updated: 27/12/2017

The World Chess Championship in Saudi Arabia has become mired in controversy


What does one expect when the governing body of World Chess, FIDE, is a group named Kirsan

and the ET’s?

The motto of FIDE is Gens una sumus, which is Latin for “We are one people”. In the FIDE Handbook one finds:

Chapter 01 – Status, principles and aims of FIDE


The FIDE Motto is “Gens Una Sumus” (We are one family). The FIDE seal is a white Knight intersected by five white latitudinal lines on a black globe, with the word “FIDE” in black at the base of the Knight, and the FIDE motto in black below the globe. The FIDE flag is the FIDE Seal at the centre of a sky-blue background, on both sides of the flag, measuring 100 x 150 cm. or in proportion thereto.

Under Kirsan this has become the theory of FIDE. In practice the so called “organization” excludes at will with a cavalier and capricious disregard of their own rules. In reality the only rule in the FIDE handbook is:

The Royal game will be much better off when Kirsan is taken out (of this world) by any means necessary.