Ukrainian and Russian Pornhub Performers Protest the War

The Pornhub logo against a Ukrainian flag. Getty/compilation image

Ukrainians are posting videos of the Russian invasion to Pornhub, while Russians are using one of the last online spaces they have to speak against the war.

by Samantha Cole

In a video uploaded to Pornhub on Monday, ( Kyiv sits in quiet darkness. Few lights are on in apartment buildings across the landscape, while the camera pans across the city. Kate, behind the camera, breathes shallowly. As the air raid sirens begin to blare in the distance, more lights blink on, people waking up to the sounds of the fifth day of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

This week was the first time Kate, an adult performer, has ever heard air raid sirens in her life. Before Russia started bombing her city last week, Kate uploaded videos of herself and a partner having sex on that balcony overlooking Kyiv, playing in nightclub restrooms and naked in the woods. Now, she’s hoping people see her video on Pornhub, hear the sirens, and remember that it could happen to them.

“I’ve never heard an [air raid siren] before. I’ve never been in a bomb shelter,” Kate told me in a direct message. “I live in a city with over three million people. I want to go to restaurants, bars, theaters, cinemas. This is how many people live in Europe, America, Asia… With this video, I want to say that even today no one is immune from war.”

Others in Ukraine are using Pornhub to get the word out about their situations.