‘Psychic’ Turtle for Sale

Blagoveshchensky sells a turtle-fortuneteller for three million rubles


A resident of Blagoveshchensk Alexei decided to part with a turtle-fortune teller. Donatello, named after the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, is not even two years old, and she already guesses the outcome of football matches. A year ago, Alexey discovered a psychic gift from a pet, and now he is ready to sell the “gold mine” for three million rubles.

– The principle is simple. You write on paper the names of the matches, which paper will go to that one and you need to put it, ”Alexey told Amurskaya Pravda. – Literally this spring, I tried to do it and won 100 thousand rubles.
The family urgently needs money. Therefore, they decided to part with their beloved turtle. According to Alexei, the tortoise is useful to those who make big bets on football – half a million rubles or more. In this scenario, Donatello can pay off very quickly. True, while there were no people who wanted to buy a fortune teller for three million. For the six days that the information hangs on the announcement site, Alexey did not receive a single call.