Jennifer Ishee Defeats the French Defense: Horwitz Attack, Papa-Ticulat Gambit

After seeing the name of the opening, which was new to these eyes, I was compelled to post this game…

Jennifer Ishee

is married to Mark Ishee, whom I know from the old daze, a strong player who once hosted the Fugitive Chess Club in Brentwood, Tennessee, if memory serves.

In the third round of the recently completed ALTO (At least twenty one) Chess tournament the 1660 rated Jennifer Ishee had the black pieces against fellow class B player Nathan Heck (1765). After Heck opened with 1 e4 Jennifer opted to defend with the French defense by playing 1…e6. Her opponent opted for 2 b3. The opening then became the “C00 French, Reti (Spielmann) variation” according to Nevertheless, names it the “French Defense: Horwitz Attack, Papa-Ticulat Gambit.” I have absolutely no idea why. Anyone with a clue please leave a comment or drop me an email. Replaying the game was enjoyed immensely, and I would urge you to play over the game sans annotations, while asking, and hopefully answering, questions.When one is unfamiliar with an opening it is best to cogitate at length to become familiar with the ideas and concepts, prior to learning what The Program, no matter what program, “thinks.” I know it does not “think”, but “computes.” What do you “think” of that?!

Nathan Heck (1765) vs Jennifer Ishee (1660)
French Defense: Horwitz Attack, Papa-Ticulat Gambit

  1. e4 e6 2. b3 d5 3. Bb2 dxe4 4. Nc3 Nf6 5. Qe2 Bb4 6. O-O-O O-O 7. g4 Nc6 8. Nxe4 e5 9. c3 Be7 10. f3 Nd5 11. h4 Nf4 12. Qh2 Nd3+ 13. Kc2 Nxb2 14. Kxb2 a5 15. Bb5 Bd6 16. Ne2 Qe7 17. g5 Ba3+ 18. Kc2 Bd7 19. Bd3 b5 20. Qg3 Kh8 21. g6 f5 22. Ng5 h6 23. Qg2 Nd8 24. Ng3 Ne6 25. Nf7+ Rxf7 26. gxf7 Nf4 27. Qf1 Nxd3 28. Qxd3 Qxf7 29. Rde1 Bd6 30. Rhg1 a4 31. Ra1 Bc5 32. Rgb1 Bf2 33. Ne2 f4 34. Kc1 Bf5 35. Qxb5 a3 36. d3 Rd8 37. Kc2 Rxd3 38. Qxd3 Bxd3+ 39. Kxd3 Qd5+ 40. Kc2 Qxf3 0-1
  1. e4 e6 2. b3 d5 3. Bb2 dxe4 4. Nc3 Nf6 5. Qe2 Bb4 6. O-O-O O-O 7. g4 (365Chess contains three games in which 7 Nxe4 was played and that’s it…but here’s the deal, the move played by Mr. Heck is the choice of the Stockfish program at! What the Heck is up with that?!

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