Examine All Checks!

One of the things this Chess teacher has been BIG on is instructing the student to EXAMINE ALL CHECKS! There was an encounter with a student and his mother in a grocery store when I asked the student what he had been up to recently. The reply came immediately, “Examining all checks, Coach!” You know that put a smile on my face, and that of his pretty mother, too.

Black to move

Every day I surf over to The Week In Chess after ingesting enough caffeine to jump start the brain and attempt solving the Daily Chess Puzzle. Frankly, at my age nothing is going to improve my play, but putting some strain on the ol’ brain cannot hurt…much. Some days I feel like the King; other daze I feel like a lowly pawn…

Todaze puzzle emanates from a game played just a few days ago between:
GM Gupta Sankalp (2504) – GM Samvel Ter-Sahakyan (2616)
Airthings Masters Play-In chess.com INT (3), 2023.02.03

Good Skill!


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