Herschel Walker’s Erection

For those of you in other states, or other countries, Herschel Walker is a famous fellow Georgian who played football at the University of Georgia before playing professional football for the team owned by Donald Trump. Herschel has resided in Texas for the last two decades but returned to Georgia at the behest of former POTUS, Donald Trumpster, to run for the United States Senate. There are only two Senators from each of the fifty states. On election day the incumbent Senator, Raphael Warnock,


who had once been a pastor at the venerable Ebenezer Baptist Church, where Dr. Martin Luther King sermonized, garnered more votes than his opponent, but not 50%, so there will be another election between just the two candidates which will be held December 6, 2022.

Jimmy Fallon Pokes Fun at Herschel Walker’s ‘Hard’ Election Slip
November 24, 2022

By Tomas Mier

Of course, Jimmy Fallon had to joke about Herschel Walker’s “excitement” about the runoff election! On Wednesday night, Jimmy Fallon prepped his viewers for Thanksgiving with an opening monologue and joked about Herschel Walker mispronouncing election as “erection” on Fox News.

“Last night, ahead of the Senate runoff in Georgia, Herschel Walker was on Fox News, and he had a bit of slip-up while talking about the election,” Fallon said, before playing the clip: “Woah! Somebody’s excited about the runoffs!”

Walker had joined Fox News Tuesday alongside Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham


to talk about his runoff election against Democratic incumbent Raphael Warnock. “Well, first of all, this election is more than Herschel Walker. This erection is about the people,” Walker said.


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