Russian War Pigs

Ukrainians on Russian forces: ‘They lived like pigs’

‘We prayed to be liberated’: Inside a city recaptured by Ukraine after months of Russian occupation

EXCLUSIVE By Rebecca Wright, Sam Kiley, Olha Konovalova and Peter Rudden, CNN
Updated 8:11 AM EDT, Tue September 13, 2022

Izium, Ukraine CNN —

Burned-out tanks and trucks emblazoned with Russia’s signature ‘Z’ symbol lie at the side of the road, gutted and red with new rust. A collapsed bridge is covered in signs warning of landmines. Further along, the wreckage of a car is left alongside a destroyed petrol station surrounded by the debris of shelling.

These are the signs of Ukrainian victory and, for now, a Russian rout.

Ukrainian artillery made Russian soldiers run like pigs.

‘Who have we come to liberate here?’

Izium resident Valeriy said the locals in the city were angry with the Russians for their behavior.

“Where there were no people, (the Russians) stole everything,” Valeriy said. “They lived like pigs. We entered one house – and pigs live better.”

Makeshift beds are seen in the sleeping quarters used by the Russian forces in their underground bunker. Rebecca Wright/CNN

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