A Shot Of Tequila For The Pope!

Pope Francis shares secret recipe for a bad knee: A shot of tequila

By Nicole Winfield
Published May 17, 2022
Associated Press

ROME (AP) – Doctors have prescribed a wheelchair, cane and physical therapy to help heal Pope Francis’ bad knee. He has other ideas.

Francis was riding in the popemobile in St. Peter’s Square when he stopped near a group of Mexican seminarians from the Legion of Christ who asked him in his native Spanish how his knee was doing. After he replied that it was “capricious,” they told Francis that they admired his ability to smile despite the pain, and that he was an example for future priests like themselves.

“Do you know what I need for my knee?” Francis asked them from the popemobile. “Some tequila.”

Pope Francis names ten new saints during a canonization mass in St. Peter’s Square, on May 15, 2022 in Vatican City, Vatican.

The seminarians laughed and promised to deliver a bottle to the Santa Marta hotel where Francis lives.

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