Have Draw-Will Travel

When young back in the nineteen fifties one of my favorite television shows was:


The original show was on TV from 1957-1963 and was one of many Western shows watched ‘back in the day’. What is most remembered about the show was something Mother said about the star of the show, Richard Boone. “He’s so ugly he’s pretty,” she said. Flummoxed, I asked, “How can he be pretty if he’s ugly?” She replied, “he’s not pretty ugly, but ugly pretty.” That is the first and only time I recall hearing “ugly pretty.”


Chess has it’s own version of Paladin and his name is Nicolay Andrianov,


an International Master for hire.

The Mission 360 Bay Area IM Invitational Norm Tournament (https://www.mission360foru.org/events/may-14th-20th-norm-event) began in San Jose, California yesterday and one of the participants was IM Andrianov. His first round game:

FM Alexandre Kretchetov 2359 vs IM Nicolay Andrianov 2317
Mission 360 Bay Area IM Invitational Norm Tournament round one
D94 Gruenfeld, Smyslov defence

  1. Nf3 Nf6 2. c4 c6 3. d4 d5 4. e3 g6 5. Bd3 Bg7 6. Nc3 O-O 7. O-O Bg4 8. h3 1/2-1/2

Now that’s UGLY! It is a long way from the east coast to the left coast and maybe the older gentleman was tired. Then again, maybe there is no fight left in him unless someone refuses his draw offer. It appears his opponent offered the draw in this game, and, well, you know, the Master of the Draw had black…

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