Double Shot of Vaccine Love!

After receiving the second shot of the Moderna vaccine yesterday the siren sounded, there were flashing lights with balloons and streamers galore! Then beautiful, scantily clad young women began hugging and making a fuss over me! For a moment I thought I had died and gone to heaven…before realizing there ain’t a snowballs chance in hell of that happening…Then Monte Hall appeared

BROADCASTING SCRAPBOOK RADIO notes by racampbell: Game ...

informing me of all the things I had won, including a humongous check for ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!! All this because my vaccination made the US of A attain the 50% vaccinated mark!!!

And there was Governor Mike Dewine holding the check!

Then I awakened…I was alone in the bed and my arm hurt…and it was back to reality, because Mike DeWine is the Republican Governor of Ohio. The Governor of my Great State of Georgia is the wrong wing Republican who wanted to open the state so early that even the Trumpster ridiculed the son of a gun…(

It was, though, one hellofa dream!

Dedicated to Susan “Bells” Bailey

One thought on “Double Shot of Vaccine Love!

  1. Walter High says:

    FYI: Mike Dewine is a Republican.

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