I Took The Vaccine


The AW received his first shot of vaccine yesterday. The next follows in 27 daze. I had wanted to receive the Jannsen, or Johnson, or Johnson & Johnson, whatever…because it was one shot, like the movie, The Deer Hunter:

After asking if they had the Jannsen vaccine I was informed, “We are not giving the J&J.” I did not ask if they were giving it, but rather let it drop and took the shot. I’ve played the odds most of my life, and even though there have been situations in which I was a big underdog, I’m still sitting here punching & poking, so I must have made some good moves on the Chessboard of life.

In the immortal words of Eric Clapton, If you want to hang out/You’ve got to take her out/Vaccine…If you want to get down/down on the ground/Vaccine

OK, the word Eric used is “cocaine”. OK, I was considered a “hippie” back in the day, but what the hell do I know about cocaine, something about which, in the immortal words of Sgt. Schultz…



Watching events evolve while nutted-up the last year has been amazing. Who’d ever thunk, huh? I mean, we protested against the Viet Nam “police action” (That’s right, youngsters, Viet Nam was not a “war”), and some of we hippies may have looked odd, and even strange, to the mainstream viewers, but we never attempted an insurrection in a vain attempt to take over the US Capital and over throw the government. I mean, seriously, if the leader, or “guru” of your movement looks like this:

See the source image

maybe you oughta reconsider joining the “movement.” The dude has become a cult hero:

See the source image

The attempted coup d’etat was about as ridiculous as the Presidency of the Trumpster. The participants will have plenty of time to consider how absurd were their actions.

See the source image

Many have written negatively about the vaccines developed to fight the Coronavirus. A woman, known earlier in my life, who lives in Indiana and “loves” the sycophantic former VeeP, Mike Pence, calls the pandemic the “fauci hoax.” The crazed woman is completely against any vaccination. Period. She doesn’t trust the government, or at least the current government. She trusted the former government, of which the renowned and highly esteemed Doctor Anthony Fauci


was a part. Go figure…

People like her do not understand the history of pandemic flu. In 1918 the Spanish flu killed a reported 500,000 Americans from 1918 to 1920, and more than 50 million worldwide. From reading the history of POTUS Woodrow Wilson decades ago I recalled a story about the city of San Francisco donning masks, then thinking the disease had left the scene they had been struck again, so they put the masks back on, and did this time and again until, finally, they took them off and were able to keep them off. Here are two articles about San Fran in 1918: https://www.sfchronicle.com/bayarea/article/San-Francisco-s-1918-Spanish-flu-debacle-A-15191518.php


In addition, my memory contains something about a monastery in the Bay area during that time that had no cases because they closed their doors and did not open them until the coast was clear, so to speak. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate anything about a monastery, but I did find an article about the United States Naval Training Station on Yerba Buena Island that is extremely interesting:

“While the flu was devastating for an unprepared public in San Francisco, just off the shoreline a completely different story emerged at the Naval Training Station on Yerba Buena Island. Home to over 6,000 military soldiers, officers, and family members at the time, the island was only accessible by boat and was protected from the virus by a strict quarantine. For 62 days, officials locked down Yerba Buena from the rest of the world.

Not one person was infected or killed by influenza during that period.”

An emergency flu hospital staffed by US Navy Hospital corpsman has been set up in Civic Center to help care for those stricken by the influenza outbreak, San Francisco, California, 1918.
An emergency flu hospital staffed by US Navy Hospital corpsman has been set up in Civic Center to help care for those stricken by the influenza outbreak, San Francisco, California, 1918.Underwood Archives/Getty Images


Here are several more just to drive the point home: https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20181023-the-places-that-escaped-the-spanish-flu,

The Danish capital Copenhagen was one of the cities that escaped the worst effects of the flu in 1918 (Credit: Getty Images)
The Danish capital Copenhagen was one of the cities that escaped the worst effects of the flu in 1918 (Credit: Getty Images)

and, https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/03/americas/flu-america-1918-masks-intl-hnk/index.htm;


When the Trumpster stole the election, just like Tricky Dick Nixon in ’68


by using assistance from another country, Russia, which is illegal because it is treason, I had been living with a woman for about half a year. She was in the habit of going to bed with the chickens, as we say down South, and getting up with the birds, so she was in for what my father constantly informed me I would be in for one day, a “rude awakening.” After learning the Trumpster won, she changed completely as a person. She refused to talk about him, calling him an “idiot” and leaving it at that…I have talked with a number of men who said the same thing about their significant others, one of whom was a Republican, but voted for Hillary Clinton because she wanted to see a woman in the White House before she died. She will not get the chance, I am sorry to hafta write…In an election between the, arguably, most qualified candidate and the least qualified candidate of all time, the less qualified in every respect, won the election and became POTUS, to the detriment of We The People. There was blood on Nixxon’s hands as he kept the Viet Nam “conflict” ragin’ for seven more years, and there is blood on the Trumpster’s hands because, while he and his wife were secretly vaccinated, and received the best treatment available at the time when they contracted the coronavirus, he refused to wear a mask, leading maybe half a million people to their deaths on his way out the door. From all the history you read you will learn that if only everyone wore a mask…if only…it was as simple as that in 1918

Red Cross volunteers wore face masks during the flu pandemic of 1918.

Red Cross volunteers wore face masks during the flu pandemic of 1918. (CNN)

and the same holds true for today. The major difference is that today we are fortunate enough to have a vaccine, or more properly, several vaccines. You do not hafta trust the “gov’mint” but you can trust SCIENCE! Yet the virus still rages and is growing exponentially, like wildfire, all over the globe because of “idiots,” or as I’ve come to think of them, Fools In Power.

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