The Marshall Chess Club Has Closed!

Dear Marshall Chess Club Member:

The Board of Governors met last night (3/10/2020, via videoconference) for a regularly scheduled meeting. After a reasoned discussion, we decided to close down the Club effective from 12 March 2020 through 12 April 2020.

This is a prophylactic action. There has been no indication of anyone affiliated with the club who has been infected with or exposed to the COVID-19 coronavirus. Out of an abundance of caution, and given the close conditions under which our beloved games are played, we unanimously agreed that this was the right course of action. Please be patient as the board and staff work to see what will need to be done as we move forward. We are taking our cues, and we suspect most are, from city, state, federal, and global authorities. As I write this, the World Health Organization has just officially declared the coronavirus a pandemic. How events will play out in the coming days, week, and months is impossible to predict.

Our plan is to proceed in stages. The board will meet again in the first week of April to assess conditions at that time. Once we do so we will send out another message to members with an update.

Meanwhile, please be aware that administratively we will be working with a diminished staff, and response time to queries may be delayed. The premises will be completely closed to everyone until 12 April, and key fobs will be disabled for the duration of the closure. Please also pay attention to social media (especially Twitter—a good time to follow @MarshallChessNY!) for breaking news.

Please expect to receive more news in the following days about online tournaments, online lectures, and other online events. We are actively seeking to provide alternate content and activities for our members while the physical space remains closed.

Noah Chasin
President, Marshall Chess Club

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