A Warning from Italy

Bravo to Italian chess organizer, player and long time member of FIDE’s Fair Play Committee, Yuri Garrett, for bringing this to our attention. Earlier today on his FaceBook page Yuri passionately explained the essence of the coronavirus problem:

For my many friends all over the world: please stop thinking this is an Italian problem: we also started with one patient and look at where we are now…

This is coming everywhere. And it’s lethal. Not dangerous, lethal. And not only for the elderly, as anesthesiologists in Italy are clearly yelling out loud in every possible way (although children seem to be less affected, as with every viral breakout).

Do take precautions as of now: wash your hands properly as much as you can, do not go in crowded areas, keep a distance of at least 1m from other people, protect your elderly by not visiting them.

Your enemy is invisible and very subtle.

AND ESPECIALLY: DO NOT ORGANIZE AND SUSPEND ALL CHESS TOURNAMENTS. To play an international tournament in these circumstances makes no sense at all.

by kevinspraggettonchess · Published March 9, 2020 · Updated March 9, 2020

Coronavirus, FIDE & Chess

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