One Night In Bangkok 68 Year Young Mick Tobor Defeated 28 Year Old IM Yiping Lou

There were fireworks

in the second round of the 19th Bangkok Open when Mick Tobor of Germany, rated 1949, born in 1950, the same year of my birth, faced Chinese IM Yiping Lou,

rated 2482, born in 1991, in the 2019 Bangkok Chess Open (

Yiping Lou
2482 (CHN) – Detlef Tobor 1949 (GER)

Bangkok Chess Open 2019 round 02

B90 Sicilian, Najdorf, Adams attack

1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Nxd4 Nf6 5. Nc3 a6 6. h3 e5 (Both SF and Komodo play 6…e6) 7. Nde2 Be6 (SF gives 7…b5 8 Ng3 Nbd7) 8. g4 Be7 (SF plays 8…h6. The move 8…h5 was seen in the game Jovan Todorovic (2431) vs Vlado Narandzic (2402) at the 52nd Montenegro-ch during the ninth round at Tivat, 12/17/2000. The game ended prematurely after 9.g5 Nh7 10.h4 g6 11.Be3 Nd7 12.Qd2 Rc8 13.f4 ½-½. Makes one wonder why they played the ‘game’ does it not?) 9. g5 (SF plays 9 Bg2 as do the vast majority of human players) 9…Nh5 TN (SF would play 9…Nfd7 as played in a game between Constantinos Vassiades and Herbert Scheichel at Groningen, 1970, in the EU-ch U20 fin-C, which continued, 10.Be3 Nc6 11.Qd2 Nc5 12.O-O-O Qa5 13.a3 Rc8 14.Bxc5 Qxc5 15.Ng3 Nd4 16.Bg2 Nb5 17.Na4 Qc4 18.Nb6 Qa2 19.Qe3 Rc3 20.bxc3 Bb3 21.cxb3 Nxa3 0-1)

10. h4 Nd7 11. Bg2 O-O 12. Bf3 Nf4 13. Nxf4 exf4 14. Bxf4 Ne5 15. Be2 Qb6 16. Rb1 Qc6 17. Be3 Rac8 18. f4 Nc4 19. Bd4 f5

20. Bf3 fxe4 21. Bxe4 d5 22. Bxh7+ Kxh7 23. Qh5+ Kg8 24. g6 Rf6 25. f5 Rxf5 26. Qh7+ Kf8 27. Qh8+ Bg8 28. Qxg7+ Ke8 29. Qxg8+ Kd7 30. Qg7 Qe6+ 31. Kd1 Rcf8 32. Re1 Rf1 33. Ne2 Qf5 0-1

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