Rudy’s On A Train To Nowhere

Former New York city Mayor Rudy Giuliani was brought aboard the sinking ship of state this week and immediately made his presence felt in a big way, which was to be expected, I suppose, given the over-inflated ego possessed by the former Mayor. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you have not been paying attention. To help facilitate your understanding here are only a few headlines:

Is Rudy Giuliani Losing His Mind?

Even in New York, ‘America’s Mayor’ was always a lot more like Trump than people realized. Now we’re seeing it on a national stage.

By KEVIN BAKER September 04, 2016

Rudy Giuliani, America’s mayor, has jumped the shark

By James A. Gagliano Fri May 4, 2018

Rudy Giuliani has hit rock bottom

By Max Boot May 4, 2018

Why was Rudy brought aboard the train to nowhere? In order to understand, or at least make an attempt at understanding, let us turn to pages 86-87 of the best selling book by Michael Wolff, FIRE and FURY:

“Trump owed Giuliani; not that he was so terribly focused on his debts, but this was one that was certainly unpaid. Not only was Giuliani a longtime New York friend, but when few Republicans were offering Trump their support, and almost none with a national reputation, Giuliani was there for him-and in combative, fiery, and relentless fashion. This was particularly true during the hard days following Billy Bush; when virtually everybody, including the candidate himself, Bannon, Conway, and his children, believed the campaign would implode, Giuliani barely allowed himself a break from his nonstop, passionate, and unapologetic Trump defense.

Giuliani wanted to be the secretary of state, and Trump had in so many words offered him the job. The resistance to Giuliani from the Trump circle derived from the same reason Trump was inclined to give him the job- Giuliani had Trump’s ear and wouldn’t let go. The staff whispered about his health and stability. Even his full-on pussygate defense now started to seem like a liability. He was offered attorney general, Department of Homeland Security, and director of national intelligence, but he turned them all down, continuing to hold out for State. Or, in what staffers took to be the ultimate presumption, or grand triangulation, the Supreme Court. Since Trump could not put someone openly pro-choice on the court without both sundering his base and risking defeat of his nominee, then, of course, he’s have to give Giuliani State.

When this strategy failed-Rex Tillerson got the secretary of state job-that should have been the end of it, but Trump kept returning to the idea of putting Guiliani on the court. On Feburary 8, during the confirmation process, Gorsuch took public exception to Trump’s disparagement of the courts. Trump, in a moment of pique, decided to pull his nomination and, during conversations with his after-dinner callers, went back to discussing how he should have given the nod to Rudy. He was the only loyal guy. It was Bannon and Priebus who kept having to remind him, and to endlessly repeat, that in one of the campaign’s few masterful pieces of issue-defusing politics, and perfect courtship of the conservative base, it had let the Federalist Society produce a list of candidates. The campaign had promised that the nominee would come from that list-and needless to say, Giuliani wasn’t on it.

Gorsuch was it. And Trump would shortly not remember when he had ever wanted anyone but Gorsuch.”

In his first week on the job, Rudy has been a train wreck. In other words, Rudy has fit right in while taking his seat on the train to nowhere.


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