The 2018 New York Go Expo

What is the 2018 New York Go Expo?
The 2018 New York Go Expo, a festival of the ancient game of Go, is aimed at both Go players and the general public. Aside from the invited team tournament, the Expo will emphasize creativity and collaboration, especially when Go is tied seamlessly with education. Our goal is to pair all interested attendees in a simultaneous game with a strong Go player.

​The Expo is free to the general public. A repertoire of events revolved around Go will be held, from beginner to advanced, and encourage students of all ages to attend. We’d like to see our participants learn, share, and advance, in and outside of Go. ​

What is the 1st Dreamworks School Invitational?
Since 2016, Stephanie Yin 1p has been actively promoting Go in elementary, middle, high schools, and language schools in New York. Now there are already several student groups that are eager to start or maintain their own Go clubs. Her dedication on promoting Go crossed paths with Yu-e Liao. Yu-e is sponsoring this tournament and wishes to provide an opportunity for the younger generation for youth players in New York to meet current students in esteemed universities such as in the Ivy League Schools. Yu-e wishes that participants can learn, share experience, and improve, in and outside of Go. Yu-e also encourages Go to be introduced into children’s studies.

May 2017: As a main commentator of the Google team, Stephanie attended the “Future of Go Summit” in the historical town of Wuzhen, China from May 20-28.

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