Scrabble Player Banned For Cheating

Not having played Chess in quite a while does not mean I have not continued following the game. For example, recently I have spent much time watching the ongoing TCEC Season 10 tournament in which the best Chess “players” in the world compete. The entities battling for supremacy are computer programs. The best are at least one category, if not two, above the human so-called “World Champion.” More on this later, but if interested, the tournament games can be found here:

Although having infrequently considered firing up the blog again the last few years other things have taken priority. Although receiving much praise and compliments for the AW, one has stayed with me. The former president of the GCA and I were heading out of the mall, where some kind of youth event was being held, when the High Planes Drifter, aka LM David Vest, the only man who can claim to having both Georgia Chess Champion and Georgia Senior Chess Champion, spoke, while a rather large number of Chess enthusiasts listened, in his inimitably bombastic fashion, informing me of how much of my blog he had read, and how much he had enjoyed so doing. “It is some of the best Chess writing I have ever read,” said the Drifter. “It must have taken an awful lot of time to write all that,” he added.

Mr. Vest was correct; it did require much time. I am now much older, and hopefully, much wiser. This time around the posts will be much less frequent.

Rather than writing about Chess and Go after coming across an article of interest, I have passed it on to others, such as Chris Garlock of the American Go Association, who writes the outstanding American Go E-Journal. I have no idea to whom this should be sent, so it will serve as the first post in years on the AW blog.

A few days ago I received notification of a comment left which needed approval, so I went to the blog for the first time in who knows when, approved the comment, and noticed the stats. Quite simply, I was astounded at how many people were reading my blog each day two and a half years after the writing stopped.

At one time or another I have been cheated at every game played. Although accused of it, I have never cheated at any game. I learned a long time ago that only losers cheat.

I attended a regular Poker game many decades ago in which one of the players cheated, and we all knew he cheated, but could care less because even with his cheating he lost because he was a loser. One night a new player was brought to the game and he accused the loser of cheating. The net result was that he accuser never returned to the game, but neither did the loser.

One of world’s most prominent Scrabble players banned temporarily for cheating,” reads the headline.

“One of the world’s leading Scrabble players and former United Kingdom national champion has been banned from playing the game competitively for three years after he was accused of cheating.

It appears that during competition Allan Simmons would draw a tile and, if he didn’t like it, sneakily replace it and draw another. He denied the accusation, leveled by the Association of British Scrabble Players.”

I am the eye in the sky
Looking at you
I can read your mind
I am the maker of rules
Dealing with fools
I can cheat you blind

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