Golden League vs maFIaDE

When first informed of the news concerning the formation of the chess “Golden League” Russian President Don Vladimir Pootin allegedly said, “Bring it on.” There has been no comment from former POTUS George Dubya Busher…

Sources report Don Pootin was outraged because he had not been informed by his security service, maFIaDE, prior to the leak by consigliere Danilove’s spokesman, Topalove. “Heads will ROLL!” Pootin exclaimed.

Fearing for his head, maFIaDE chief ET Illyuminatus blamed the failure on faulty rader. “It flew over our rader, sir,” Illyuminatus said. “AND SO WILL YOU!” an obviously upset Commander and Thief said. “I want to know who is behind this and I want to know NOW!” Pootin screamed.
“You need to take your medication,” said Pootin’s doctor, Franken Fong. “To Hell with my medication and to Hell with you, Doctor!”
ET said, “There are reports Garry Kasparove is behind the Golden League, but that has yet to be confirmed, sir.”
“Arrrguuhh,” was the sound heard emanating from Don Pootin. “When will someone, anyone, take this stone from my shoe…” After many moments of silence Don Pootin said quietly to ET, “It is time for plan BK.”

“You want to give Kasparove the golden polonium earrings?”
“Now is the appropriate time, Lyummie. Don’t you agree?”
“Yes, naturally, sir. I am always at your command.”

One thought on “Golden League vs maFIaDE

  1. Chesster says:

    Hope you are prepared when they come for you.

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