World Open Speed Chess Champion Orrin Hudson

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Get In the Game: Life is Chess-Not Checkers :: Special Events
Family (All Ages)
10:00 am—1:00 pm at Stonecrest
When you see a good game, get in it! Join us as two-time World Open Speed Chess Champion Orrin Hudson facilitates a fun and energizing session of chess and life strategies. Attendees will experience a journey of self-discovery and achievement through Mr. Hudson’s “KASH Formula for Success” – Knowledge, Attitude, Skills and Habits. Learn the strategies that champions use every day to be winners in the game of life!

Orrin “Huckster” Hudson is at it again. He is a grandmaster of promotion, and hyperbole. Orrin was once at the House of Pain and had stepped into the mens room when a child said, “Mr. Hudson came to our school. Imagine that, the best chess player in the world at our school!”
“Kid,” said one of the long time members, a crusty old curmudgeon named Bob Bassett “He ain’t even the best player in the toilet.” The poor young boy was obviously crestfallen when Bob, turning the knife, added, “Hell kid, he would have trouble beating me.” Bob, a strong “club player,” bounced around from class “B” to “C.”

How strong a player is Orrin Hudson? USCF shows his current rating as 1548. His “quick” chess rating is 1796, so he is obviously better at moving than thinking. According to Ralph Zuranski, “He is a two-time World Open speed chess winner and has pass alone his insight to over 25,000 students his goal is 1 million!” Ralph also writes, “A dynamic motivational speaker, Orrin extols the time-tested strategies of chess as a metaphor for the game of life.” (

In the real world Orrin Hudson is a joke to real chess players in the Atlanta community. His shtick is “Be Someone.” This is the name of his book, and what he teaches children, while being someone he is not.

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