The GCA Check is in the Mail

This message can be found on the GCA Facebook page:

“Cash Payouts have been vetted and sent to the Treasurer. Apparently WinTD 4.2 has a bug in generating a prize distribution list. 4.11c still works perfectly. It is likely that the extra function of using data for email/text pairings is affecting the database function for prize distribution. I’ll be reporting this to the author of the software. We’ll be publishing the prize distribution list at my next opportunity.

My apologies for not being able to get these out earlier, as I had to get the distribution list vetted and try to track down the actual source of the error, go through my Ebola response training and email the payout list after tonight’s Board meeting.” (

I am loath to make assumptions, but since Fun Fong is the President of the GCA Board, and is an ER MD at Emory, where the CDC is located, Mr. Spock would tell the Captain, “There is a 99.44% chance this was written by the POTGCA.” These days some people blame the computer program for every mistake. It is not the computer but the person who puts the information in the computer who is usually to blame. “Garbage in, garbage out.”

I was under the impression the GCA disbursed the prize checks at the end of the tournament and thought the delay was due to the resignation of the Treasurer, but such is not the case. Pam Little has not yet resigned and could have been there signing checks for the prize-winners, as Michael Mulford did when Treasurer.
The Legendary Georgia Ironman comments, “The GCA Board wants to change everything, including the time-honored tradition of paying the winners at the tournament. What about the out of town players, some of whom may need that money to get home?” Evidently the GCA is attempting to “fix” what is not “broke.”

Best wishes to “Chairman of the Board,” Fun Fong in relation to Ebola because, as Alex Jones ( reported on Coast to Coast AM (, “44% of doctors who have come in contact with Ebola have contracted the disease.”

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