Jackson Bennett Fink R.I.P.

Jackson Bennett Fink, 21: A devoted friend

By Elizabeth Montgomery

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Jackson Fink was unwavering in his love for other people. He was the person many went to for advice.

“He had ‘hug timing’, ” said his mother Jane Strain-Fink.

He was a free spirit that enjoyed music, concerts and nature. Recently, he was among the more than 100,000 people who attended the TomorrowWorld concert in September. He worked the concert for the food service company Crescent Foods.

When it came to his relationship with others, “his eyes were blind, he just saw people’s hearts,” Strain-Fink said.

“He just wanted to make people happy.”

Fink taught himself how to play multiple instruments including the guitar, banjo, mandolin and piano.

He was a chess master who started playing the game when he was six years old. Growing up his mother would take him to the chess court at Woodruff Park to play games against others. By age 11 he beat many of his older competitors.

As he grew older, he would still visit the park to play against others but would have up to eight chess games going at a time where he would play against himself at home.

Fink was a student at Georgia Perimeter College with an undecided major, he was considering astrophysics or geology.

“He was a man of many talents; whatever he did, he mastered,” said friend Mark Rosen.

Jackson Fink, of Atlanta, died Sept. 29. He was 21. His cause of death is unknown, pending autopsy results.


The obituary includes a nice picture of a smiling Jackson, in which his good nature is apparent.

Jackson was not a master, but he was a member of the chess community. Jackson played in a total of seven tournaments in the Atlanta area. He earned a provisional rating of 100 after his first USCF rated tournament, an elementary event in 2002. After two more scholastic events in 2006 his rating had improved to 264. He played in a quick tournament at the North Georgia Chess Center in December of 2012, lifting his rating to 391. He played in two more quick tournaments at the NGCC, leaving the chessboard with a final rating of 648.

I would like to express my condolences to the family.

One of my favorite radio programs is Echoes (http://echoes.org/). The interview tonight was with a musician who goes by the name of “Fink.” This is the definition of synchronicity. “Fink is the curious moniker of Fin Greenall, an English musician who started as an electronic DJ before having an epiphany and turning into a singer-songwriter.” (http://echoes.org/2014/10/07/tuesday-october-7th-echoes-program-1441b/)
“Two Days Later” was the only song played on the program. I dedicate this song to the memory of Jackson Fink.

Fink – ‘Two Days Later’

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