No Stress Chess

The Legendary Georgia Ironman mentioned “No stress chess” recently. Curious, I asked him to elaborate. Tim said no stress chess is being taught at some schools. The young children do not actually play chess, but move the pieces around as if they were playing chess. It is popular because there are no losers, and therefore no winners. The thing is that the people who advocate “no stress chess” think it a good thing because since there are no losers everyone is a winner. They stand around smiling while their little Spud, and Spudette, “play chess,” saying things like, “Aren’t they cute?” When told that evening that little Spud played chess today the first question a father will ask is, “Did you win?”

Mr. Six-Time, GM Walter Browne has published an excellent book, “The Stress of Chess…and its Infinite Finesse.” In the 2014/3 issue of the best chess magazine in the universe, New in Chess, GM Helgi Olafsson writes about Walter, “Great games that show that he always lived up to his motto and the battle cry he proposed in the book: ‘By competing you are a winner-no matter the result.'” One does not compete when playing “no stress chess.” Without stress there is no chess.

Queen & David Bowie – Under Pressure (Classic Queen Mix)

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