Eureka Moment with Magnus Carlsen

In a post, “Carlsen Analyses His Games,” on the Chess For All Ages blog of August 19, 2013, by Mark Weeks, he writes, “Note also how, after analyzing an unplayed variation, he plays the moves in reverse order to return to the game. This is a technique that I’ve never been able to master. Maybe it is worth practicing.”
Reading this brought on a eureka moment. I do this myself, and have done it since getting into chess, but only when alone because while analyzing with others it has caused laughter and ridicule. Imagine how I felt when reading the number one player in the world does the same thing! Many players with whom I have analyzed possess a memory capable of recreating the position no matter how many moves into the variation. Other players prefer to go all the way back to the original position and play over the moves again, albeit quickly. I only do that as penance if I cannot arrive at the earlier position in reverse.
Now most players analyze on a computer. There are myriad pictures of a player, a trainer, and two computers, with a board and pieces not included. There is no need to play the position arrived at in reverse because with one poke the machine automatically reverts to the previous position. Magnus has stated on many occasions that he still uses books and actually moves the pieces around on the board like Bobby Fischer, for example, “back in the day.”
Chess For All Ages is one of my favorite chess blogs. You can find the post from which the quote was taken here:

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