This edition of the Throwdown, the eleventh, had to be moved back to the Church of Decatur Heights after problems surfaced with the air conditioning system at the North Dekalb Mall. With violent thunderstorms associated with an early summer cold front predicted, the air was electric as thirty nine players crossed swords to begin the first round. Local weatherman Glenn Burns of WSB TV had earlier predicted the storms would lose intensity approaching Atlanta, but because of the dreaded “heat island” that is the metro Atlanta area, the storms intensified exponentially. Glenn was in his element illustrating the one thousand lightning strikes per hour, with five percent of them being positive, the most dangerous kind. The storm hit in the latter stages of the first round, and I do not mean just outside the playing hall. Courtney Edwards did it again, this time hitting LM David Vest, with a bolt which caused the man from the High Planes to pull a Dobie Gray and drift away into the night.(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaPnOASOWIU) JOHN LATTIER was upset by CHRISTOPHER DANIEL, but in his defense John was not feeling well, deciding to play only at the last moment. JEREMY PAUL had the only perfect score after beating SASHA CREIGHTON in the last round. FRANK JOHNSON took clear second with a draw in the first round to ARISH VIRANI the only blemish on his scorecard. Daniel and Creightom tied for third with a score of 2-1.
Twenty nine players entered the under 1600 section. When the storm ended two were left standing unscathed. VEDIC PANDA, known as the Bear, tied for first place with the man with a big heart, always ready and able to lend a hand, LARRY BOLTON. Panda Bear is on the middle school team at Fulton Science Academy, where he has doubled his rating in the last year, improving by leaps and bounds. When informed by the Legendary Georgia Ironman that he would now, because of finishing first, ‘slingshot’ into the Open section at the next event, the stunned Mr. Bolton mustered an understated, “Oh wow.” Frank Johnson immediately extended his hand saying, “Welcome to the club!” ADRIAN KING, a young man in high school, and KAVIN JAYAVEL KUMARESAN, another talented grammar school up and comer, tied for third with two wins and a draw.
The Championship Chess 12th Thursday Throwdown will be June 27, 2013 6:30 PM, at the Church of Decatur Heights, 735 Sycamore Drive, Decatur, GA 30030.

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