GM Alonso Zapata Shares First In Columbia

GM Zapata sends this report via email:
Dear: Michael Bacon.
Thanks for all the information!
I share the first place in Colombia. Check the page:
Best regards!

Alonso Zapata

It was an eight round tournament. GM Zapata tied for first with Carlos Antonio Hevia Alejano, from Cuba, even though their game in the antepenultimate round, a Najdorf in which Alonso played 6 g3, ended in a win for his young opponent. GM Zapata was able to catch the IM by winning both of his his last games, including a win versus the only other GM in the field, Sergio E Barrientos of Columbia, while Hevia Alejano split the point in the last two games.
The link provided contains games from the tournament which can be downloaded.

Viva GM Zapata!


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