Chess GM Tiger Hillarp Plays Go

GM Tiger Hillarp Persson of Sweden started a blog April 30, the last day of the month. Surprisingly his first post was not about chess, but the fascinating game of Go! The title of the post is, “Go Game of the Week.” He has followed it with another post exactly one month later on May 30. They can be found at Tiger has this to say concerning Go:
“I will occasionally post Go games. I started out with Go in the beginning of 2011 and, after a rapid rise to about 9kyu, I’ve been gaining around 4kyu a year since then. I can really recommend chess players to do this for a number of reasons. First, if you are too tactically inclined a player, then by playing Go you will be forced to think about things like “structure” and “plans”. Secondly, if you work as a coach, reliving the struggle of being a beginner at a difficult game (like Chess – or Go) will definitely improve your understanding of those you are coaching. Thirdly, there are few things that let you appreciate the “nature” of what you have learned as a chess player and learning Go will make it obvious that you know stuff that transcends the chess board. I can go on like this, but let’s call it there. My current Go rating is around 1kyu and therefore it is a bit like a chess player rated around 2000 commenting on chess games, so do not take what I write below too seriously If you feel like visiting a more serious Go-site then I recommend gogameguru; especially solving the weekly problems is a great source of learning (and joy). If you find my vocabulary somewhat alien it is because I sometimes use the highly specialized Go vocabulary. The majority of these expressions can be found at Sensei’s library.”
Go Game Guru is also one of my favorite websites. I greatly appreciate what the commentated games. I have appreciated the emails from David Ormerod, one of the founders of the site, along with An Younggil, an 8 dan professional Go player with the Korean Baduk Association. He won the ‘Prize of Victory of the Year’ in 1998 for winning 18 consecutive professional games. Check it out @
As a long-time admirer and student of the game of Go it was a pleasant surprise to find Tiger’s blog, Chess At The Bag Of Cats. There is plenty of chess and even though I made a promise to refrain from adding another chess blog to my list, there it is, near the top! Check it out here:

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