2013 US Senior Open

Breaking News!
Thought I would take a page out of CNN and use the term four days after the conclusion of the tournament. Hey, it was breaking news to me when I finally found the crosstable online. I have been looking for a report for days. There has still been absolutely nothing posted on the website of the USSCF concerning the US Senior. The Armchair Warrior has it for you, though.
There was a four way tie in the six round tournament between GM ALEXANDER IVANOV; GM SERGEY KUDRIN; IM JAMES A RIZZITANO; and LM NATHAN RESIKA, all scoring five points. SLM JAY RICHARD BONIN and LM DANIEL E SHAPIRO were a half point back and tied for fifth. There were a total of fifty seven players. There were only two players from the South, STEPHEN MUCCIOLI, a class ‘A’ player who scored three and a half points, and RUDOLPH D ABATE, a class ‘D’ player who scored two points in this strong field. Rudy is also the President of the North Carolina Chess Association. That means Southern players accounted for a little less than four percent of the total. There were four players from out west, with one each from the states of Colorado; Oregon; Wyoming; and Idaho. The most surprising thing is that there is nary a player from California! This is difficult to believe, even with the tournament being held on the east coast, because there are so many players on the left coast. It is obvious there is something drastically wrong with the structure of the Senior tournament. These tournaments called Senior are basically regional tournaments. Many years ago I proposed on the BaconLOG (http://baconlog.blogspot.com) four tournaments in different parts of the country, with the winners coming together at the Chess Club & Scholastic Center of St. Louis, but since the word “Senior” was left out of the title it is rather obvious that it is, to paraphrase the title of a popular movie, “No Club for Old Men.” Or old women for that matter. As yet there are very few old(er) women players, but that may change in the future, if there is a future for tournament chess, that is.
The Empire state led with twenty-five players, as was to be expected since the tournament was held way up there somewhere in Tarrytown, NY. New Jersey and Connecticut both had five players entered. As far as I am concerned this was just another in a long list of insults to Senior players in the USA. I know, I know…there are those who tell me Seniors ought to be glad we even have a tournament. I find that insulting, too.


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