Kill the Messenger

This response from Thad Rogers was in my in-box Tuesday morning:

About your blog. You never really attacked Tim about the a Thursday
Throwdown air. Then after you promised me that you wouldn’t write
anything bad. You instead wrote an scathing attack on me and brought
up bad memories about the Atlanta Chess Center. Over the years I
lost about $100,000 on the center. $40,000 of that was the last two years.
I tried to keep it open for David and the community. Who else would have
done that.
The back door leading into Ashley’s was opened all weekend. The Home
Depot didn’t have anymore Air-conditioners I could buy. If I did it would
take $1,000 for two units for one weekend. I don’t think you would have
paid that. So, I did the next best thing and bought 3 fans for $210. The
mall promised in an email today that they would have the air and heat
fixed for me by August 2nd. My tournament will be August 16th. I don’t
know what Tim and Steve going to do.
Since as usual you don’t have anything nice to really say, I will not give
interviews anymore and you are not welcomed at my tournaments.

This will be answered in my next post.


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